Q&A: Dr. Lee Keyes talks available resources at the Student Counseling Center

Q&A: Dr. Lee Keyes talks available resources at the Student Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is available at The Universty of Alabama. CW | Jonathan Daniels

In light of National Suicide Prevention week, Sept. 5-11, The Crimson White reached out to Dr. Lee Keyes to better inform students about the resources available them at the Student Counseling Center. Dr. Keyes is the executive director at the Student Counseling Center. 

Q: How many college students suffer from mental illness? What are some of the more common issues that UA students deal with?

A: Depending on how one defines this, 10-40 percent. The lower figure may be for those with more severe or diagnosable conditions. The upper figure represents those with some form of mental health need, which may be demonstrated by significant distress of some kind. Almost all of us will experience the latter in our lives at some point.

Q: What resources does the Counseling Center (CC) make available to Students at UA?

A: The best way to summarize that is to look at all the resources posted at www.counseling.ua.edu.

Q: What resources are new to campus this year?

A: Ask, Listen, Refer online training available at any time at http://www.asklistenrefer.org/ua. CrisisTextLine is available for students to text with a trained volunteer by texting BAMA at any time to 741-741. We are also working on other online tools which we hope to announce soon. But again, there are many resources we can provide by request which are posted on our web site. Students should use such resources much more than they do.

Q: When are these resources available?

A: Counseling is available during operating hours. Other listed services can be provided outside of operating hours. Crisis services are available 24-7.

Q: Counseling can be expensive. What costs will students incur if they choose to take advantage of CC resources?

A: First visits, group services, and crisis services are free. Routine counseling visits after the first are $15 each. See more at our FAQ page. The fact is, counseling will never be as convenient or inexpensive as it is while you are at UA.

Q: How long does it typically take before a student can receive counseling?

A: There is no wait for crisis services, which refers to life or death situations. When we are very busy it can take two weeks to be seen for a routine counseling visit. Typically, the wait in the community is much longer than this.

Q: What are the benefits of group and individual counseling? How will an individual know what is best for him or her?

A: Each provides different benefits and this may vary from person to person. The best way to discover more is to ask a counselor. Groups are free and unlimited, learn more at http://www.counseling.ua.edu/supportGroups.cfm.

Q: Are there any other non-CC resources you would refer students to in addition to your services? If so, what are those?

A: We refer to a wide range of both on and off campus resources. Tuscaloosa has many excellent resources. On campus we routinely refer to the SHC, UMC, the Psychological Clinic, , WGRC, MPACT, ODS, and more. You can learn more about campus resources online at https://www.ua.edu/campuslife/health.

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