Jeans be gone: Comfy clothes to wear to class

Jeans be gone: Comfy clothes to wear to class

CW / Kaylee Kemp

Taking class seriously can be hard, but dressing down for class is easy. Don’t waste your precious time selecting a perfect ensemble for your 8 a.m. Instead, choose one of these quick, comfortable classics so you can focus more on lectures and labs and less on shoes and accessories.


Students, both men and women, are often seen sporting Chacos around campus. Chacos are hiking sandals that are intended to provide comfort for outdoor activity, so the strap-on design allows students to comfortably make their way to class without facing the struggles of a typical flip-flop or sandal. What better place to take these hiking sandals than on the hike to class?

Nike Shorts

Nike shorts or “norts” are all the rage for UA women and have been for a few years. You can always catch a student in a pair of Nike shorts on the way to class. The breathable material is comfortable to walk around in and also presents a sporty look. Whether you’re wearing an oversized t-shirt or a workout tank, Nike shorts are definitely a reliable go-to item for class.

Tennis Skorts

Tennis skorts aren’t just for tennis anymore. The stretchy, spandex material is comfortable to walk in from class to class. Many girls throw on an oversized t-shirt with a tennis skort and are on their way. Everyone loves the sporty but fashionable skort because not only is it comfortable, but it also provides a cute look that is easy to wear casually to class.


Birkenstocks are often described as “Jesus sandals,” but the cork and latex design make this sandal comfortable. Despite many “Birkenstock haters”, the trend seems to be thriving. Many students have different types of Birkenstocks, whether it’s the two straps, three straps or wrap up styles. Some students even choose to wear fuzzy socks with their “Birks”, adding some personality to the popular shoes.


No matter where you’re from, the southern oversized t-shirt trend will become a lifestyle. You can always count on an oversized t-shirt to swallow your entire torso, providing ultimate comfort throughout your day. Whether you just rolled out of bed or not, there will never be a lack of oversized t-shirt wearers on campus. The look is easy to wear to class because it requires no effort, and odds are everyone else will be wearing one, too.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants, or more commonly referred to as “leggings”, are always in season when it comes to comfort. Though yoga pants were meant for working out, women on campus often wear them to class. If it’s hot, cold, rainy or sunny, there always seems to be someone wearing yoga pants. Whether you choose to wear a tank top or t-shirt, tennis shoes or sandals, leggings are always a comfortable option when heading to class.


The ball cap is a basic accessory that men and women both own. Whether it’s to cover up messy hair, shield your eyes from the sun or for pure style, the ball cap look always seems to be a trend.


With the quick-to-change Alabama weather, it’s best to never leave the house without a pair of “sunnies.” From cheap sunglasses from Wal-Mart to Raybans, all types of shades can be spotted on campus.

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