Clinton voluntarily undergoes FBI interview

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was interviewed Saturday by the FBI regarding her email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

The interview was conducted at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. and lasted for around three and a half hours, according to the Clinton campaign. The campaign said the interview was voluntary.

Following the interview, FBI Director James Comey recommended no charges for Clinton. The recommendation came on Tuesday after a yearlong investigation into Clinton's email usage. The yearlong investigation concluded after the FBI inspected multiple servers and read over 30,000 emails.

Comey explained that in order for criminal charges to be filed against Clinton, there needed to be evidence that Clinton intentionally sent or received classified information. Reportedly, the FBI found no evidence that Clinton did in fact intentionally send or receive classified information from her personal server. 

Although he recommended no criminal charges for Clinton, Comey still described the likely Democratic nominee as very careless for using a personal email address and server for sensitive information. 

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