Visual changes made to MyBama

If you log on to your MyBama account you'll notice the site has been completely transformed. 

The new version of MyBama went live on May 21 and features, mostly, cosmetic changes. 

Andrew Richardson, who is the marketing and communications manager for the University's Office of Information Technology, said the changes made to MyBama may go mostly unnoticed by students.

"If you compare the old MyBama to the new MyBama,functionally they are pretty much the same, right, like there's all the same tabs...but it's actually an entire different system under the hood." 

Richardson explained that MyBama is essentially a proprietary system that the University has from a third party. The third party Richardson referenced is the software company Elucian, which created the Luminis Platform that is utilized by MyBama. 

Basically, an updated version of the Luminis Platform was made available, and during the upgrade process the University decided to make various changes to MyBama. 

Richardson said the other changes made to the site consist of better integration with other pieces of software on the site, which will help MyBama developers to add more functionality to the site in the future. 

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