Rodgers Library speaker talks alternative medicine for restless leg syndrome

Rodgers Library speaker talks alternative medicine for restless leg syndrome

Dr. Norma Ceullar, a professor from the nursing college, will be speaking at the lecture series at Rodgers Library on alternative medicines for restless leg syndrome in March. CW | Amy Sullivan

On Feb. 9, Rodgers Library hosted Norma Cuellar from the Capstone College of Nursing to present on restless leg syndrome and its potential alternative medicines. She researches a variety of topics including restless legs syndrome, sleep, complementary and alternative health care and cultural diversity issues.

The audience included nursing students, a professor in electrical engineering and an employee of the Rogers Library, along with a few others.

“Eight percent of population has RLS, more than Parkinson’s disease,” Dr. Cuellar said.

Restless leg syndrome includes uncomfortable sensations in the legs that occur at nighttime or during sleep. It most commonly starts around age 40, but frequently occurs during pregnancy.

Dr. Cuellar conducted a study in which people with restless leg syndrome chewed on an alternative medicine called valerian in order to decrease leg discomfort. She found that it helped, but hopes to carry out a larger study in the future.

Dr. Cuellar mentions other alternatives, including magnesium, tonic water, mindfulness, yoga and massage therapy.

Nursing students understand the importance of alternative medicine.

“We learn to be culturally sensitive of different alternative medicine in nursing classes,” said Rachel Hunnicutt, a sophomore nursing student, who attended the event.

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