Creative Campus helps students unlock their artistic potential

Creative Campus helps students unlock their artistic potential

Photo courtesy of Creative Campus. 

The University of Alabama is known for its athletic programs, distinguished academics and bright student body. That is where Creative Campus, a student-based arts advocacy organization, comes in--fostering a greater cultural arts scene at the University thousands love.

“We want to plan events that bring people together and connect groups of people and organizations that wouldn’t normally see themselves as collaborators," said Moira Quinn, a junior  majoring in marketing and president of Creative Campus. “Our hope is that the campus and wider Tuscaloosa community can enjoy events that highlight how talented students here are in every field.”

Quinn’s involvement with the organization dates back to her spring semester of freshman year. After having moved to Tuscaloosa from the extremely artistic, quirky city of Austin, Texas, she knew as soon as she saw the organization’s poster on campus that she had to get involved.

“I’ve always loved going to cultural arts events in my hometown of Austin and it was something I really missed while I was in Tuscaloosa. Now with Creative Campus, I have an opportunity to create the very thing I had been missing," she said.

As the organization prepares for the spring semester and upcoming internship program, Quinn enthusiastically talks about the day to day tasks and what new members can expect to get out of the organization.

“Creative Campus is a really unique organization in that it puts the power in the students hands to do the things they want. The faculty leaders trust us and also push us to do more for the school and for the community.” Quinn said.

Meetings are held every Monday and Wednesday in Maxwell Hall at noon. There, anyone, whether member or non-member, can sit in on a meeting and pitch an idea for a collaboration or simply just listen. It's an open, welcoming environment, ready to take in any student interested in the arts.

“The organization has really allowed me the opportunity to stay in tune with the arts around campus and city," said Ashley Rolling, a sophomore majoring in nursing. “As a nursing student who now focuses on more methodical and scientific curriculum, Creative Campus has allowed me to explore both my interests and community.”

“One of the best things about creative campus is that it’s for everyone," Quinn said. "There’s no such thing as being “not creative enough” for us. Everyone is creative in their own way.”

As an intern, responsibilities include planning and budgeting of events, and listening to and analyzing experimental music, amongst many other things.

“Before I graduate I would love to see a sustainable music festival happen. We’ve been laying the groundwork for a while and I’m really excited to see where that takes us,” Quinn said.

Quinn’s goals for the organization are for Creative Campus to become a household name, from go-to collaborations to initiatives that are engaging and even a bit challenging. She hopes that the organization will have new and unexpected partners in the near future.

“I hope that our events over the next five years help put Tuscaloosa on the map as a haven for the cultural arts in the Southeast," she said.

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