UPDATED: Video emerges showing taser used by Tuscaloosa Police on UA student

WARNING: This video contains explicit language

Video has emerged of an apparent arrest of a University of Alabama student that ended in use of a taser and police club last night.

According to multiple sources, the incident took place at an apartment complex near Buffalo Phil's last night after police were summoned to respond to a noise complaint. 

In the videos, a Tuscaloosa Police officer stands in the door of an apartment, speaking with several people located in the apartment. Many are filming the officer. The officer is asked multiple times whether anyone is being arrested or detained, and eventually indicates that one male is under arrest, but does not say under what charges.

The Crimson White reached out to the tased individual. He declined comment. 

Multiple videos can be viewed hereherehere and here.

The Crimson White has reached out to the Tuscaloosa Police Department for comment. 

If you have any information on this incident, please email editor@cw.ua.edu.

The City of Tuscaloosa tweeted that videos of the arrest have been forwarded to internal affairs. 


The Tuscaloosa Police Department released a statement saying the incident occurred Nov. 8 at 3:19 a.m. and was a result of a loud music call.

"A full investigation of the circumstances that are depicted in these videos will be conducted and all appropriate measures taken to ensure the integrity of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa," the statement read.

UPDATE(12:25 p.m., 11/09/15):

The University released a statement saying they are aware of the incident and are concerned for the welfare of all students, particularly those who were arrested.

"We have reached out to provide support to them, and we will continue to provide services they need," the statement read.

The statement confirmed that three UAPD officers responded to a TPD officer's call for emergency assistance. They are reviewing the officers' actions.

Students who have been impacted, the statement said, should call the University's Counseling Center at 205-348-3863.

UPDATE(3:14 p.m., 11/09/15)

In a press conference held at 2 p.m. Monday, TPD Chief of Police Steven Anderson confirmed that the department would be conducting an internal investigation into the events of the tasing incident on Saturday.

"There was a lot of video that came from the individuals that were inside the apartment, and several of the officers have body cameras, and so we're going over a lot of video footage and so it's gonna take us a while," Anderson said. 

Three of the responding officers have already been placed on paid administrative leave in response to the event and will remain on leave until the completion of the investigation, Anderson said. He declined to name the three officers but confirmed that they were the officer who initially responded to the call and the officers who tased and clubbed the male individual in the video.

Anderson asked that the public be patient and allow the department to conduct the investigation. 

"What I want [the public] to understand is that we've got a long way to go on this investigation," Anderson said. "Just because we've initially put three officers on administrative leave, by no means means that we're at the end of the investigation, we're done... We're going to be taking a look at the actions of each and every officer that responded to that location to determine if those officers are operating outside of our policies and procedures or outside of law, and that's what we feel like we need to do."

Anderson was unable to give details as to how many officers responded to the incident or how many were wearing body cameras. 

UPDATE(5:40 p.m., 11/09/15)

Lt. Teena Richardson of the Tuscaloosa Police Department released a statement naming Matthew Gimlin Macia, 22, Brandon James Williford, 21, and Caroline Elizabeth Giddis, 22, as the students arrested in the incident. Macia is charged with obstructing governmental operations and resisting arrest, Williford is charged with obstructing governmental operations, harrassment and resisting arrest, and Giddis is charged with obstructing governmental operations and harassment.

UPDATE(11:19 a.m., 11/10/15)

Chief Steven D. Anderson of the Tuscaloosa Police Department released a statement naming Officer James Kent, Officer Phillip Champion and Officer Gregory Pimm as the officers placed on administrative leave pending further investigation into their actions.

"For the safety and security of the officers and their families only their names are being released at this time," the release read.

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