UA graduate nails it with new polish company

By Alejandra Tenorio | Staff Reporter

UA graduate nails it with new polish company

India Williams began a nail polish company while taking time off from law school's demanding hours. Photo courtesy of India Williams

“What’s the latest thing you’ve done for yourself?” is one of the slogans that can be found on the website of Rooted Woman, Williams’ nail polish company. A slogan that, for her at least, is the root of why she embarked on this journey in the 
first place.

“A few months ago, I actually got really ill, just because of the hours, and I had to take time off, and during that time I realized just how important self care is,” Williams said.

The idea of nail polish as the product for her company grew out of India’s love for and the practicality of it.

“It’s just something that’s the perfect happy for any woman,” Williams said. “Everyone I know is always getting their nails done, always trying to find the perfect color – I just wanted to create something that would serve multiple purposes.”

The transition into the world of fashion and cosmetics from law and courts has been a great change for Williams, though she is still getting used to it.

“I’m currently doing both, which has been the hardest thing,” she said. “You know, finding a balance, I still very much love the law, but I just feel like there’s something greater for me out there with this new experience.”

For Williams, Rooted Woman has a deeper, more profound message she hopes those who buy her nail polish are able to capture. For every polish, both the color and name have a Christian message meant to empower and give hope.

“Professional women often put themselves on the back burner, and I just thought about – what are some things I can do to help not only myself but other women that are just kind of overloaded and are constantly giving out to other people and not taking time to build themselves back up,”
Williams said.

Hillary Conheady, a senior majoring in fashion retailing, is currently interning in the nation’s fashion capital, New York City. She also agrees with Williams’ message and the philosophy behind her company.

“I believe that all women should support and empower other women,” Conheady said. “We wear the clothes and products that we do because they make us feel confident. It’s more than just what we wear; it’s the confidence that clothes and cosmetics give us, and knowing a woman did that is empowering in itself.”

Rooted Woman’s company values can be summarized in four words – self-love, self-care, thoughtfulness and gratitude. Through those values, Williams hopes to be able to help women appreciate themselves and take care of both themselves and 
one another.

“It’s important that they receive the message of hope and love and what it means to be a Christian,” Williams said. “That’s what’s important to me: for them to have a positive interaction.”

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