People of Tuscaloosa: Alessia Grijalva

People of Tuscaloosa: Alessia Grijalva

Alessia Grijalva discusses life in Tuscaloosa.  CW | Jonathan Daniels

“It wasn't until I started going to school here and meeting people where one of the first questions people asked me was if I was smart. Freshman and Sophomore year was when people asked me that all the time, people of the same race I was. It was almost always one of the first question or the first asked, and I think having my intelligence questioned is annoying as hell. It used to always catch me off guard because who is genuinely going to answer like 'oh no I'm dumb,' but now I kind of laugh it off and when they ask for my majors and what I'm in school for. I just let them decide for themselves."

"I don't know how I feel. It's just every time they ask me that, I just kind of give them the side eye. But with other races, it hasn't been a thing for people to ask so blatantly, which I feel like most people would think it’s the other way around.”

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