The Molly Ringwalds bring 80s hits to Druid City Music Hall

The Molly Ringwalds bring 80s hits to Druid City Music Hall

Photo courtesy of the Molly Ringwalds. 

The 80s -- a decade filled with vibrancy, everlasting youth, self-expression and originality. Eager to leave behind both the previous decade’s hippie lifestyle and the materialistic personas many of their peers took on, a boom of rebels were born.

Through the combination of their individual styles and musical talent, The Molly Ringwalds are bringing back the 80s experience back for an unforgettable night at Druid City Music Hall on Friday, Nov. 20 at 8:30 p.m.

“My all time favorite songs to perform are “Under Pressure” by Queen and “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie,” said Sir Devon Nooner, lead singer of the Ringwalds.

The dynamic musical group includes Nooner alongside his four other bandmates -- Platinum Randi Wilde, Dickie English, Sir Liam Thunders and Lord Philip Wang -- have honed different abilities throughout the years that have allowed them to put on the performance of a lifetime for their fans.

On a journey to bring the 80s loud, eccentric and fun atmosphere to cities all around the world, Nooner reflected on how the band’s passion and love for the decade started.

“The 80s was timeless, the music and fashion played such a huge part to that decade. The different styles of music from the 80s is what excites us also it’s the decade where we grew up,” Nooner said.

Being on the roads for weeks on end can be exhausting for any musician, especially once the thought of being away from your family and loved ones begins to settle in. For Nooner and his bandmates, the interaction and sharing a special night with fans is “heavenly” though the actual road is “hell.”
For the Mollys, fan interaction is the most important thing -- they become the sixth member of the band once the guys step foot on stage. 

“Our fondest memory from a fan was very recent. A fan thought Platinum Randi Wilde was her lover and tried to get him arrested in stage,” Nooner said. “Keep in mind the fan was a 75 plus year old lady.” 

Nooner along with his bandmates want everyone that comes out to show to  have fun and “Wang Chung” the night away. Fans attending the show this Friday can expect the full 80’s experience -- from the music to the lights, lasers and fashion, it will all be there. This is something students at the University are very excited about.

“I’m so excited for The Mollys to be in town this weekend,” Marisa Morrow, a junior majoring in nursing, said. “I’m excited to feel like I’m part of "Sixteen Candles" or "The Breakfast Club," just jamming out to 80’s classics. I’m ready for an 80’s filled night."

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