Kevin Ledgewood depicts the natural world in new art exhibit

Kevin Ledgewood depicts the natural world in new art exhibit

Image Courtesy of Kevin Ledgewood

From the small town of Corinth, Mississippi comes Kevin Ledgewood, the artist behind the “Wings” exhibit currently displayed at Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center in Downtown Tuscaloosa. 

“I can show you some of my pieces if it will better help you understand my work and enhance the article,” Ledgewood said.

Walking through a long corridor into a tiny backroom inside the arts center, Ledgewood’s pieces were all neatly stacked on the counters, some lining the walls. There was a fervor in his voice when he spoke about the various frogs he was able to capture on photo and the new method he used to create patterns of solidity and shading by using small dots.

“I have always drawn in some capacity,” Ledgewood said. “Nobody had to teach me to do it or tell me to do it, it’s just something I did automatically.”

His background is unlike a typical visual artist. After getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and a Masters of Music in Windwood Performance and Pedagogy from The University of Southern Mississippi, Kevin moved to Tuscaloosa in 1995 where he later obtained his Doctorate in Clarinet Performance from The University of Alabama.

The transition from Mississippi to Tuscaloosa has been successful, especially for Kevin’s artistry and inspiration. Through his job as Publicity Manager at the Bama Arts Council, he has been able to connect and meet with many visual artists. He said this benefited him by allowing him to be around those who inspire him to continue with his craft and never losing the enthusiasm behind it.

As he prepares for his very own three week long art exhibit, Kevin reminisces about what exactly it was that inspired his “Wings” collection.

“I have always liked science and biology, especially. so, that's kind of where the insect thing came from.”  Ledgewood said. “It’s just something that kind of evolved over the years and I don’t know how exactly it happened. I think I found a cicada, a really nice example of one, and I decided to draw it and that’s just kind of how this whole thing happened.”

 Though right now he is busy with his new exhibit, Kevin can’t help but think of what's to come.

“I'm hoping that this process I am going through with the exhibit, I hope the intensity will stay with me so that I will continue to consistently do visual art on a regular basis,” Ledgewood said.

The Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center is located at 620 Greensboro Avenue in Downtown Tuscaloosa. Make sure to visit or call 205-758-5195 for further information.


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