CHEW to play at Green Bar

CHEW to play at Green Bar

Photo courtesy of CHEW. 

We are living in a world in which ‘weird’ has become synonymous with ‘cool.’ Displaying ones’ individuality is being applauded rather than condemned. Even on a campus where being a carbon copy (oversized tee shirts galore) is acceptable during the day, when the sun goes down it’s time to let the freak flag fly. 

But in the battle of the oddballs, life can get a little redundant. With so much strange in the world,  the question stands: Is there anyone out there who is still genuinely weird? The answer is yes, and their name is CHEW. Deep from within the heart of Atlanta, the funky trio stands out in a crowd of weirdos. 

Made up of Brett Reagan, Sarah Wilson and Brandon Pittman, the band oozes eccentricity in the most casual way. The group, who identifies as a “savage experimental band” began when the three lifelong friends took time off from separate projects to jam together. After realizing the chemistry the crew shared, they decided to play together full-time. And thus, CHEW was born. 

“We knew we wanted one word when we began brainstorming,” said guitarist/electronic man Brett Reagan. “The act of chewing is kind of weird, it can be sexy or gross. When represented by our music it can be a bit of both.” 

Influenced by their neighborhoods in Atlanta and bands like the Battles, Black Moss Super Rainbow and Queens of the Stone Age, CHEW churns out jams that are unexpected and startling. 

“They’re unlike anything I’ve ever heard. They’re completely unique in their own right,” Austin Haug, a senior majoring in business management, said. 

Unique indeed, the CHEW crew has been traveling up and down the east coast, carrying their trusted set of crystals and losing a beloved pair of tiger eye earrings along the road. For the first time in almost a year, the band will be back in Tuscaloosa, playing at Green Bar on Saturday evening. 

“We’ve been waiting to come back,” Reagan said of their second show at Green Bar. “The last one was one of our best shows yet.” 

After their stop in Tuscaloosa, Reagan said CHEW plans to focus on “keeping the engine of the band well kept and oiled." With plans to record a “proper EP” from their home base of Atlanta, and a potential overseas tour in the works, CHEW is looking to take their band international. 

For those without tickets to this weekends game, try catching CHEW downtown. CHEW, who is “cheering for the home team” will be playing at Green Bar. Green Bar, which recently made the switch to include a 19 and up crowd, will be opening their doors earlier to accommodate the game day crowd. Doors open at 7:30, with free entry according to their Facebook page.

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