Book Talks: "The Selection" Inspires Female UA Students

Each new novel in "The Selection" series by Kiera Cass has made the best seller list. Like many books these days, "The Selection" takes place in a futuristic dystopian society. The Kingdom of Illea is divided into a caste system according to people’s class. This series is not about a fight to the death, but about a "Cinderella" meets "The Bachelor" competition where 35 ladies compete for the heart of Prince Maxon of Ilea. 

Many of the girls come into the castle looking for their Cinderella story. Some are just there for the crown. But America Singer could not care less about either. She comes from a big family and a lower caste, and goes to the palace to help her family, not to find love. America is incredibly surprised when she finds people and causes in the palace worth fighting for. 

Young women who read this series will find America Singer inspiring. Alexis Pruitt has been a fan of the books since it’s first release. 

“America Singer is a strong-hearted lead character. She has a rebellious fire to her that drives her emotions and choices," Pruitt said. "Though she is stubborn and jumps to conclusions sometimes, she is a relatable character that strives for individuality and being ones-self. I think readers will see a lot of themselves from America’s personality.”

Though readers love America, you cannot have a fairytale with out a Prince Charming and Prince Maxon Schreave is just that. Maxon is the kind of man every girl dreams of having: he is incredibly poised, adorable, kind, and frighteningly well educated. Though Maxon may have everything he could ever want, he lives a very difficult life. 

The choosing of his future wife/queen is truly the first decision in life that he gets to make 100 percent on his own. Maxon refuses to let anyone make this decision for him though his evil father tries many times. Grace Garner, who is a massive supporter of the series, feels strongly about the Prince.

“Despite everything he has at stake, he is deeply invested in each of the girls who arrives at his doorstep, in learning about their lives outside of the Palace and introducing them to life inside of it," Pruitt said. "Maxon is deeply caring and sympathetic, but beneath everything else, he is a boy learning to trust his own instincts, no matter what his parents or other authority figures might say. And that is an invaluable lesson for a future king.”

The series is made up of four books so far: "The Selection," "The Elite," "The One," "The Heir," and "Happily Ever After"(which is a book of novellas). In May, the last book, "The Crown" will be released. If you are looking for an enticing love story filled with a bit of action and suspense then look no further.  

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