The Sweeplings to play at Bama Theatre

The Sweeplings to play at Bama Theatre

Photo courtesy of Ever Kipp

Next week the music duo, The Sweeplings, will be performing at the Bama Theatre. The band is made up of Alabama native, Whitney Dean, and America’s Got Talent finalist, Cami Bradley. When Bradley was on the show, Dean’s wife heard her singing and urged her husband to contact Bradley.

“I was on the show at the time so I said no,” Bradley said. 

The two began to talk and eventually Bradley came to Dean’s Huntsville home for two days. After two days of songwriting, they had completed eight songs. Dean called it a “magical moment” when the duo started to work together, and it was something neither of them could walk away from. 

Dean and Bradley's love for the art of music started at home. Dean's mother held piano and voice lessons in their home. Dean said he was constantly inspired as a child. Bradley said there was never one certain thing that inspired her to be a musician. 

“There was no spark, it was always ingrained,” she said. 

Bradley's parents and brother are musicians as well, so like her bandmate, Dean, she grew up with music as a foundation in her life.

The Sweepling’s biggest music inspiration comes from what they call their “four ingredients.” The four ingredients that make up the band are: Dean's guitar, Bradley’s piano, his voice and her voice. These four ingredients are what not only make up the band, but their latest album as well. Over an eight month period via FaceTime, voicemail and even email, they wrote 11 tracks for their album, "Rise and Fall," that came out in early August 2015. 

“Thank God for technology,” Dean said. 

The Sweeplings' are very excited about their current tour. They love seeing people in the crowd that are singing their songs and genuinely support their career. They feel like this tour is lightyears from their first time performing together.  Now a few years down the road the shows are going great, and both agree their favorite song to perform live is, “Carry Me Home.” 

People can catch The Sweeplings next Friday at the Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa.

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