Listening for a cleaner "Dixieland Delight"

Last Saturday’s game was met with eagerness and an abundance of UA pride--not unlike any other Saturday in Tuscaloosa. But it wasn’t until the first few notes of our beloved song rang out that we all got what we’ve been anticipating for what seems like an eternity.

Nearly every student, including myself, at Saturday’s game jumped up and sang along as loud as possible, beyond excited that Dixieland Delight had made its way back into Bryant-Denny. Yet I felt a kind of hesitance when the chorus neared, knowing the way it would play out and hoping I would be proven wrong.

When I heard that dreadful “[insert ugly four letter word here] Auburn!” fill the stadium, I feared what would become of Dixieland Delight’s future at Bryant-Denny in the week to come.

The UA Athletic Department did not decide to reinstate Dixieland Delight just to appease our student body, just because we asked nicely and said please. Instead, SGA Senator Patrick Fitzgerald took a stand for our student body to protect one of our most beloved traditions, fully believing that the students of UA would step up and make the appropriate changes to the additional verses. And we failed him.

Rather than assuming that responsibility and changing one, small word of the additional verses, our student body collectively decided to sing the song as it always has, in the same way that put the song on the chopping block. Now, whether this will result in the song being taken away again, I’m not sure, but I feel that it means a little bit more now. A single representative of UA students made the decision to commit himself to a tradition that he, along with nearly the entire student body, adore, and I feel that at the very least we disrespected his cause and his faithfulness to us.

In his CW article, Fitzgerald gave us the power to decide how we as a university wanted to handle the situation, and we collectively chose a path that could very well lead to never hearing Dixieland Delight in Bryant-Denny again. I am disappointed in our student body for not only jeopardizing Dixieland Delight’s role in gameday, but also for shutting down the extension of Fitzgerald and his efforts.

While I do believe that the UA Athletic Department has every right to take Dixieland Delight away for good, I pray that the song stays in Bryant-Denny. I pray that it plays this Saturday. And not only that, but I also pray that the UA student body decides to exchange a four letter word in return for not only a continued, bettered tradition, but also for an improved reputation of UA fans, students and gamedays overall.

I hate Auburn as much as the next Bama fan, but let’s hate them with class. We should stand up and let our love for Alabama and it’s reputation exceed the hate we feel towards Auburn. And LSU. And Tennessee, too. Let’s love Dixieland Delight and keep it playing in our favorite place; let’s beat Auburn, not *bleep* it.

Danielle Waddell is a sophomore majoring in journalism. Her column runs weekly.

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