Artist submits new series of paintings to arts centers

Artist submits new series of paintings to arts centers

Lorrie Lane's exhibit, 'Manufactured Optimism,' includes paintings inspired by people in the artist's life, rather than her more typical subjects from nature. CW | Layton Dudley

By “writing what she knows,” local artist Lorrie Lane created a new exhibit of paintings that is currently on display at the Dinah Washington Cultural 
Arts Center.

Lane’s main subject for the paintings in “Manufactured Optimism” was the people in her household. Various objects usually inspire her collections, such as flowers, birds, nests and sheep. This show, atypical of Lane’s other works, is instead inspired by the people in her life.

“I wanted to make my art more about my life, which is different for me,” 
Lane said.

Not only does Lorrie’s art collection contain paintings of her loved ones, but she also adds in other details, such as a Zodiac theme to each painting. The purpose of this Zodiac theme is to capture the distinct qualities in each of her 
family members.

“I wanted to add another element to the paintings, I wanted to represent each person but make them into archetypes,” Lane said.

Because Lane was a fiction writer before she became an artist, she believes that the saying, “writing what you know,” applies to both writers and artists. She says it was interesting for her to paint things that are around her every day.

Lane’s paintings have been shown throughout the Southeast in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Heidi’s Interiors in Tuscaloosa displays Lorrie Lane’s paintings. Jeff Patterson, an interior decorator at Heidi’s Interiors, praises Lane’s work as an artist.

“I think Lane has the true eye of an artist,” Patterson said. “She approaches every subject with a clear perspective, whether it be a landscape, florals 
or portraits.”

He said that Lane’s vision is distinct because she can work with any medium and incorporate many 
different ideas.

“I think she is always looking around her to find the next most interesting subject,” Patterson said. “I think her latest show is a testament to that.”

Lane encourages visitors to the exhibit because she feels people will be able to relate to her work.

Lane’s exhibit, “Manufactured Optimism” opened last Friday, and will be featured in the gallery until June 26.

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