UA lacrosse team looks to beat Auburn final match of the season

UA lacrosse team looks to beat Auburn final match of the season

Alabama (5-6) hopes to finish with an even record by beating Auburn. Photo by Sharon Cyrus Kruger

Visintin said his commuter school in New York was not giving him the college experience that he really wanted, but he was not ready to give up the sport he loved. Two years ago, Visintin found a new home in Tuscaloosa.

“It didn’t really feel like I was in college,” Visintin said. “[The] luxury of playing club is you get to have that commitment of playing lacrosse, but you also have time to breathe.”

The men’s lacrosse club provides members with the opportunity to play lacrosse competitively at the collegiate level without the time commitment that usually comes with varsity lacrosse.

Club president Joseph Bowker said the mindset of the team has really changed since he joined four years ago. He said the team wants to accomplish 
something now.

“Its not just fun anymore,” Bowker said. “The guys that are actually playing now are there to win.”

The team is currently preparing to close out the season with Auburn. The game was originally scheduled for last weekend, but the threat of bad weather forced the teams to postpone.

The game is even more important this year. If Alabama wins the match, the team will finish without a losing record for the first time in the club’s history.

It may not be easy though. All three times Bowker has played against Auburn, the game has been decided by a single point. Alabama won two of those meetings, but not the last one.

“Beating Auburn is a huge memory to have,” Bowker said. “Those two games probably stand out the most.”

Senior Tom Cheek said he enjoys beating Auburn, but those games are not what he will remember after he graduates. Instead, Cheek said he would 
remember scoring the game-winning point against Tennessee during his 
sophomore year.

“It was just a great feeling,” Cheek said. “Every time I think I may want to quit, I just think about that game.”

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