Study spots for UA students to consider

Study spots for UA students to consider

Spring time rain has turned the Quad a lush green perfect for studying and getting some vitamin D. CW | Shelby Akin

With finals week coming up, now is the time to find that perfect study spot. Here are just a few options on places to get your last-minute cramming done.


If one can snag a table, libraries are a great place to study. There are various setups of tables and desks, and study rooms are good places to work on final projects. Librarians can help with research for those who need help as well.


For those who like a more relaxed environment, Starbucks is a good option. Most tables are only big enough for one or two people, making it easier to focus on one's studies. Of course, there’s also a steady supply of triple espressos for late-night cramming.

The Quad

Although April showers may have some students wondering if they accidentally transferred to The University of Florida, the rain has turned the Quad a lush green perfect for studying and getting some vitamin D. Several of the light posts have outlets on them, so students can click through a semester’s worth of slides without fear of losing power.

Academic Buildings

Several buildings on campus have study areas for their students. Shelby Hall has some group study areas, and buildings like Nott Hall and Reese Phifer Hall have dedicated study lounges for their students. Students can also work in classrooms that aren't being used.

Ferguson Dining Area

Right upstairs from Starbucks is the Ferguson dining area. While it can be a struggle to find a table during the lunch rush, it’s pretty empty in the late afternoon and evening. For those who like a big table to themselves, try studying here. There is also the added benefit of the Ferg food court music we all know and love.

Manderson Landing

For those afraid you’ll fall asleep laying out on the Quad, Manderson Landing may be the best option. The Riverwalk is a nice way to take a study break, and covered picnic tables can provide shelter in the event of a sudden Alabama rain. 

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