SGA Senate Judiciary releases order on SGA Chief of Staff

The SGA Student Judiciary released an order on Tuesday, April 21 stating Chisolm Allenlundy will be the Chief of Staff for the 2015-2016 SGA term. The order states the judiciary board found Allenlundy to be "more than qualified" stating the following reasons: 

First, a precedent was set under the Calderon and Taylor administrations the appointment and confirmation of Brennan Johnson, who also possessed no Executive Council or cabinet experience at the time of appointment.

Second, Allenlundy's involvement in the Spillers campaign "is not a determining factor against his qualifications," as set by precedents in which former Chiefs of Staff also served on the campaigns of past SGA presidents. 

Third, the student judiciary rejected the senate's reason of rejection, primarily that Allenlundy was not qualified, and stated his experiences outside of SGA must be counted in his qualifications. The judiciary claimed he was, therefore, more than qualified to serve in the position of Chief of Staff. 

The Senate will meet in a special session tonight at 7:30. 

The full text of the document can be viewed below. 

Order from SGA Judiciary for Chief of Staff

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