"Newsies" offers advice for seniors

"Newsies" offers advice for seniors

Broadway musical, 'Newsies' includes advice that can be applied to seniors graduating this May. Amazon

As the final days of this school year approach, a bittersweet feeling begins to sweep over us all. While there will no doubt be a wave of relief once finals are behind us, some can’t help but sob for the seniors who are leaving the University to spread the houndstooth spirit wherever life may take them. However, before they fly off into the sunset, I want to take a moment and share with them some life advice from some of Broadway’s wisest young adults who know a thing or two about how to take a stand in the workforce. Here are some words of wisdom to graduating seniors from the Broadway smash “Newsies.”

The first thing the Newsies teach us is this: “Every day we wait is a day we lose.” In school, we become masters of procrastination, and because we have set deadlines, no penalties are given for waiting until the last minute to get something done. But outside of this campus, those deadlines aren’t so well-defined, and sometimes every day counts. So if you want something, go get it. There will certainly be a temptation to sit back and wait for life to come to you, but as the Newsies say, “Now is the time to seize the day.”

Of course, sometimes you’ll want something and you won’t get it. Things go wrong, and whether it’s your fault or not, you’ll find yourself in situations you never wanted to be in. In times like these, you need to remember the Newsies’ second lesson: “You can’t undo the past, so just move on and stay on track.” Whether you’re proud of your past or not, it isn’t something to dwell upon. Your years here at The University of Alabama may have been wonderful, or they may have been terrible. Either way, you’re entering a new chapter, and it’s time to think about what lies ahead and stay on track.

Finally, as you make your final departure from Tuscaloosa, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Wherever you go, your fellow students are here for you, ready to give you whatever you need – whether it’s a place to crash for a night or just a friendly “Roll Tide” to get you through the day. Once you leave, you will have a whole university full of folks rooting for you. Just as Jack Kelly himself would remind you, “Don’t you know that we’s a family? Would [we] let you down? No way.”

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