Kenyon leads team spirit

Kenyon leads team spirit

Senior tennis player Stuart Kenyon manages to balance his athletic career with a degree in mechanical engineering and a passion for video games. CW | Pete Pajor

Husack said Kenyon has the second bedroom in his two-bedroom apartment dedicated to video gaming. With a large white sheet across one wall, it’s an ideal screen for any gamer, though Kenyon insists that’s not what it’s for.

“I would say it has one room dedicated to a movie theater,” Kenyon said. “That video games go on, quite often.”

As for being a video game junkie, it’s almost always with one game and one game only: Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 64. Kenyon commonly plays the game, along with others from the ‘90s, with teammates Andrew Goodwin and Becker O’Shaughnessey. It can get pretty heated, Goodwin said.

The games – both tennis and video – end soon, since Kenyon graduates this year. He has learned time management very well due to his major, he said. He knows that although it may be hard at times to stay on top of everything, in the end it’ll pay off and he’s doing what he loves.

“He’s a good guy outside of the player,” Husack said. “I think he’s Stuart the young man, instead of just Stuart the player.”

Kenyon hopes to work in the oil 
business after he graduates, specifically the upstream work.

What he’ll miss most is the community Alabama has provided him. What Husack and Goodwin will miss most is 
Kenyon’s beard.

“No one else on the team can really grow a beard, including myself,” Husack said.

Alabama men’s tennis hosts South Carolina on Friday at 5 p.m. and Georgia on Sunday at 1 p.m.

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