Men's tennis team travels

Men's tennis team travels

The men's tennis team will travel to Auburn Friday for the Iron Bowl and then to Florida to face the Gators on Sunday. CW | Layton Dudley

The men will travel to Auburn Friday for the Iron Bowl, then to Florida to face the Gators on Sunday. Because the team faces the Tigers first, that is the team that is in the forefront of coach George Husack’s mind. The key is to focus on one team at a time.

“Auburn is always a tough customer,” he said. “We’ll prepare the same way though.”

Husack said Saturday he plans to give the men a day or two off to recover from their previous matches, then it’s back to practicing and working on things that were noted during their previous matches. He said he hopes the rain predicted for the week holds off.

“We want to play outside, but business as usual either way,” he said.

The Crimson Tide won its first SEC match this past weekend when it defeated then No. 9 Ole Miss.

“We finally broke through and got a good win,” junior Becker O’Shaughnessey said. “It’s been a while since we had, but I think we’ve jumped over that hump now and we’re just excited for the rest of 
the SEC.”

Not only will Alabama face another SEC match-up, it will start off with Auburn – one of Alabama’s strongest rivals in the conference. The fact that it is about to compete in the Iron Bowl has not slipped through the players’ minds.

“Everyone will be very excited of course,” freshman Korey Lovett said. “We’re all just going to have to treat it just as another match and not get too amped up about it – just go out there and play like we have been.”

The team plans to keep doing what it’s doing and trust the process. Players hope to come out with a victory, O’Shaughnessey said, but if not, the men will keep plugging away.

“We’re just going to go and keep fighting like we are,” he said. “We’re getting closer and closer. We’re getting better and better. The results are starting to show now.”

The Crimson Tide is currently 11-9 overall and 1-2 in the SEC. The men will face the Tigers on Friday and then the Gators on Sunday. Matches will begin at 4 p.m. and noon, respectively.

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