Contest recognizes local children's art

Contest recognizes local children's art

The annual Visual Achievement Awards gives local middle school and high school students a chance to be recognized for their artistic talent. CW | Layton Dudley

Artistic genius knows no age. To pay testament to that fact, the annual Visual Achievement Awards, presented by the Alabama State Council on the Arts, gives local middle school and high school students a chance to be recognized for their artistic talent. 

“Students have the opportunity to have their talents recognized within their community, not just in their home or school,” said Sharron Rudowski, education director for the Arts and Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa County.

Art teachers from local high schools and middle schools have selected their top students' most promising works and submitted them to several different categories to be eligible for prizes and recognition. 

Rudowski said the goal of this exhibit is to positively impact Tuscaloosa's art community and to encourage young artists to purse creativity. 

“My favorite part is walking through the exhibit after it is up," Rudowski said. "I also enjoy seeing the students' interaction with their families and friends at the reception. They are excited to showcase their work.” 

The winners of the various competitions will have their pieces featured in Montgomery at a state-level competition and be eligible for subsequent prizes. The exhibition also gives high school seniors the chance to compete for scholarship opportunities at participating universities.

“Nothing inspires a kid more or makes them feel better about themselves then seeing their artwork displayed or win,” said Natalie Roig, an art teacher at Paul W. Bryant High School, said. 

Roig said college students and Tuscaloosa community members have much to gain from attending this exhibit. College art students may find inspiration from any one of the traditional or multi-media categories that will be featured at this exhibition, she said.

“Getting involved will not just help the local students but can help the college students to produce artwork and make a difference in younger students' lives just through talking to them,” she said. 

The exhibition runs through March 15 at the Bama Theatre. For more information, visit

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