Weekly event promotes health

Weekly event promotes health

Junior Brittany Picuri (center) teaches a kick boxing class at the Ferg on Mondays at noon. CW | Amy Sullivan

Global Movement Mondays, a weekly addition to events at the Ferguson Center, is aimed to join faculty, staff and students in group exercises from around the world.

The program began as an event sponsored by UA Crossroads, University Programs, the Student Recreation Center and the Capstone International Center during International Education week. The event received so much interest that the idea progressed to a weekly class.

Lane McLelland, the director of UA Crossroads, said she hopes the program will be successful in bringing together faculty, students and staff of 
all backgrounds.

“I would like for the program to help people get to know each other as well as appreciate and enjoy the wonderful cultural diversity right here on campus,” 
she said.

Paige Bolden, a graduate student studying communication studies, is one of the graduate assistants involved with the program.

“I just think it’s fun because it’s only one hour out of your day and you get to meet a lot of different people while practicing different exercises at the same time,” 
she said.

The program collaborates with the Student Recreation Center to bring instructors in to lead the diverse exercise classes. Brittany Picuri, a junior majoring in biology, leads kickboxing.

“I think it’s a good bonding experience for people who don’t really know each other well,” she said. “For example, if you’ve never experienced tai chi, which I never have, it’s a great way to get to know your neighbor in class.”

Global Movement Mondays occurs every Monday in the mezzanine area on the third floor of the Ferguson Student Center. The class begins at noon and lasts one hour and is completely free to all participants.

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