Track and filed heads to Vanderbilt

Track and filed heads to Vanderbilt

The Alabama track and field team is heading to the Vanderbilt Invitational this weekend with plans of keeping up their winning streak. UA Athletics

Coach Dan Waters said the team, despite its success last weekend, can still do much better.

“We definitely are ahead of where we were last year at this time,” he said. “Does that mean we are where I expect us to be and want us to be to have a successful season? No, it doesn’t. We know what stage of the season we are in now, while we don’t expect everyone to be peaking at this point, we do expect people to be improving their performances 
each week.”

Senior thrower Nia Barnes said the team draws its strength from its hunger to improve.

“We want to show people that Alabama is a great track program and that we have great athletes,” she said. “Our drive to be successful is our strength.”

Waters said the team’s attitude is 
better than in the years previous.

“One area that is now a strength that wasn’t so much in the past is the comfort level of our veteran people understanding the expectations and the culture we have established here,” he said.

The team will need that attitude as it goes on the road for a second 
consecutive week.

Sophomore Robbie Farnham-Rose said the team is prepared for the quick 
turnaround. He also said he looks forward to getting back out on the road.

“We are very close as a team,” he said. “Going away [together] is always fun.”

Barnes said she looks forward to competing again so soon, and more competitions provide her with more 
opportunities to improve.

Waters said even though the team just got back from a competition, his approach would remain unchanged, and said he does not expect the short turnaround to negatively affect the team’s preparation for the upcoming meet.

“It’s what we train for, to be in competition and to measure our performances against others, as well as our own expectations,” he said. “Competition is always a good thing. It’s what we enjoy doing 
the most.”

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