Disc golf team strives to grow

Disc golf team strives to grow

Disc golf club member Brian Bartlett tosses the frisbee. Photo Courtesy of Anna Parrish

Alabama’s disc golf club seeks to give back to the sport the club enjoys so much.

Club President James Lewis said the club takes the mission of giving back seriously. The club prioritizes community service aimed at helping others enjoy the sport of disc golf.

“We have worked with the Tuscaloosa Disc Golf Club and installed two more courses in my four years here,” Lewis said. “One [is] at Ol Colony and one [is at] Palmore Park.”

Matthew McCullough, a freshman majoring in social work, said the club stresses the importance of helping new members develop as players. He said the club helped him to become a better player.

“That’s the best thing about the club,” he said. “Everybody is so willing to come out and play with you.”

McCullough said the club helped him transition into college life by giving him a base group of friends who shared a 
common interest.

The team competes anywhere from five to six times a year, with most tournaments taking place in Georgia. It also competes in a national competition each year.

T.J. Hand, a senior majoring in business management, said the team has a lot of fun during road competitions.

“When you meet a good group of guys, it is fun to travel with them,” he said.

Alabama’s disc golf club also hosts one tournament each year called the Alabama Slammer. This year’s tournament will take place Feb. 21 in Palmore Park before moving to Bowers Park Feb. 22. Competing schools include Auburn, Georgia and South Florida.

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