Mary Lieb heads Honors College assembly

Lieb, a junior majoring in advertising and communication studies, said she finds the HCA special because it gives her the skills to figure out her path in life. Lieb began her freshman year in the Honors College with 
Alabama Action.

“As I became more involved in various Honors programs throughout the past two years, Nott Hall became my home,” Lieb said. “I grew so much interpersonally, academically, that I knew I wanted to give back to something that had given me so much.”

Even though being president of the organization can be challenging, she said she likes to see Honors students grow into exceptional people.

“I know it is worth the preparation when we have students engaged in our programming or eager to make an impact on our campus community,” Lieb said.

Lieb said she wants the HCA members to not only make a difference at the University, but also gain life-long memories, like the ones she has 
cultivated from her last three years.

“We focus on four pillars, and the beauty is that any student can create their own experience by mixing and matching as interests peak and 
opportunities arise,” she said.

Many students from the HCA believe Lieb has the potential to take the 
organization to new heights.

Kindle Williams, a junior majoring in chemical engineering and chemistry, is a member of computer-based honors and an active member of the HCA. Williams said she can cite Lieb’s strong ideas as strengtheners for 
the organization.

“Mary is great as HCA President because she has a clear vision of what Honors is meant to be,” Williams said.

Ashley Buchanan, a junior majoring in finance and marketing, is another student in Honors. She said she believes Lieb’s work ethic will be important for the organization.

“I think that’s because her passion is in the details, and the details are what make HCA successful,” Buchanan said.

As the fall semester moves into full swing, Lieb has been talking about events the organization has planned.

“We’re working with a really cool schedule this year, in which every Tuesday we have programming from a different one of our pillars: research and scholarship, cultural experiences and diversity, civic engagement and student life,” Lieb said.

Taking on the job as president will be personally rewarding, she said, because she feels it is a privilege to work with a outstanding group of 
students like those in Honors.

“It’s not an overstatement when I say what we have planned for the upcoming year wouldn’t be possible without their help and creative spark,” 
Lieb said.

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