Joe Hubbard talks campaign strategies

Joe Hubbard talks campaign strategies

Representative Joe Hubbard spoke students and community members last night at a College Democrats meeting. CW | Ben Jackson

“It’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican. It’s certainly not about changing your views to make certain people like you. It’s about bringing folks together,” he said.

Hubbard specifically covered the topics of decreasing drug trafficking, increasing rehabilitation efforts through Drug Courts and lowering crime rates throughout the state. After relatively brief remarks, Hubbard opened the floor to questions, simulating the kind of dialogue he hopes to foster as 
attorney general.

“That’s what I like about him,” said Katie Schafer, a sophomore majoring in public relations. “I generally stay away from politicians because everything they say is so scripted. Joe is very real, and I like that.”

Sam Gerard, executive director of College Democrats, said he anticipates some sort of organized involvement between College Democrats and the 
Hubbard campaign.

“We’re really thrilled about the enthusiasm that Joe Hubbard is bringing to the attorney general’s race, and we’re going to try and help him with this election in any way that we can,” Gerard said.

Hubbard said his strategy for 
taking the office is simple.

“Trust the people. Let’s talk with them and not at them. This is the message we have moving forward, and people are responding to it,” 
he said.

Hubbard’s final question before mingling with students was about what kind of legacy he wanted his children to know him for. He pondered the 
question for a moment.

“I want my children to know me as someone who stood up, stepped out and always looked for the possibilities.”

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