Alabama cool after Saudi Arabia

Alabama cool after Saudi Arabia

Alzughaibi Salman is a 19-year-old international student from Saudi Arabia. He is a sophomore at The University of Alabama majoring in electrical engineering in hopes of working for the Mercedes Factory once he graduates. CW | Lindsey Leonard

Q: Why did you come to America and choose UA?

A: I came to America because I wanted a better education, and I came to UA because of the Mercedes factory. I want to work there when I’m done with school.

Q: What do you like about 

A: What do you not like about campus? There’s a lot of students here, and they are all really nice. The thing I don’t like about campus is that since I live near to BB Comer there are a lot of smokers nearby, and cigarettes are left everywhere.

Q: What’s the biggest difference from your home country?

A: The classes here are all taken together and in Saudi Arabia the boys study separate from the girls. I like the fact that the classes are co-ed here.

Q: How do you feel about American food?

A: American food is very good. I eat it almost every day. Sometimes I cook traditional Saudi Arabian food with rice and chicken or lamb but it takes a very long time to prepare, and here it’s like 10 minutes and it’s ready to go. It’s crazy. My 
favorite thing to eat is the tacos.

Q: How do you feel about football?

A: Football? Sorry, but it sucks. It’s so boring. Soccer is my favorite, but you know football. I went to the stadium last year, and I hated myself for it. Really. I left, I actually left. There was the first hour where everyone was crazy and then no more. I was just so bored, and I left. It got less 
exciting as the time went by, you know?

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