Walter Parks returns to play set at Bama Theatre

Walter Parks returns to play set at Bama Theatre

Songwriter and guitar player Walter Park will play at the Bama Theatre on Friday, July 18th. (Submitted by Walter Parks)

“It’s a historical venue. I’ve always loved Tuscaloosa, and audiences have always been good to me,” Parks said. “I always feel like I’m at home when I play there, and I’m honored to be coming back to Tuscaloosa.”

Parks, a Jacksonville native, said he enjoys his swamp guitar style and prefers playing jazz, blues and a dash of country. He said traveling in the Southeast is important considering the musical style and its origins.

“My style involved guitar, of course,” Parks said. “I thought I needed to move to New York City to [show off] my ‘southernness,’ but then I quickly realized it’s natural for me to be southern, so decided to mostly play in ?the Southeast.”

David Allgood, Bama Theatre Manager, said this kind of music attracts fans in Tuscaloosa. Acoustic night is one of the Bama’s events to help musicians like Parks express their musical talents and give hidden musicians a chance in the spotlight.

“Acoustic night is set up for a cover charge at the door, and all the profits go straight to the musicians,” he said. “It’s a chance for these musicians to get out and show their musical talents and songwriting abilities.”

Allgood has held acoustic night for the past six years, and he discovered Parks when Parks brought his band, Swamp Cabbage, for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in 2009.

Acoustic night at the Bama Theatre doesn’t book cover bands, which allows talents such as Parks to perform original music. Allgood said acoustic night is meant for listening and not conversations, allowing for the audience to enjoy the performance without interruption.

“I love playing at the Bama Theatre,” Parks said. “The audiences support me, and they let me take chances. I’m happy to be coming back.”

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