Boathouse still on schedule

By Carolina Gazzara | Staff Reporter


When Alabama rowing coach Larry Davis drives past the construction on Jack Warner Parkway, he sees the continuous progress of the newest addition to the athletics facilities. Slated to be finished before the Fall semester begins, the new state-of-the-art rowing boathouse and locker rooms are still on track to be completed on time.

“Honestly, each time you go by you see a little more stuff done,” Davis said. “We’ve had a chance to go over there about every two to three weeks and take a look and see how things are. And based on the conversations we’ve had with the construction people, things are proceeding the way we hoped they would.

“So we’re still looking to be able to have the construction and everything wrapped up on both areas – one that’s better office and locker room space, and one that’s workout area that’s up in the recreation center that’s being built. And the other part is the boathouse down at the waterfront.”

Previously, the team had been using a makeshift complex to store the boats, equipment and practice, which was across the river. The recent expansion of the program prompted the University to create an area specifically for rowing.

The boathouse, which will be located on Manderson Landing, will house all of the team’s equipment and boats. Davis said he had a small role in the design of the building, giving small suggestions to the designers about how to get the boats in the water easily and what would be best for the team.

The second half of the new complex will be located in the new recreation center in the Presidential Village complex. Coaches’ offices, locker rooms and a lounge will be there. Though the two areas will be split up by a hill and the road, knowing the new facility is only a short walk away lessens rowers’ concerns about crossing the street, Davis said.

“We’re going to have to learn how to manage our time well going from one place to the other,” he said. “We’re going to have to have the students be careful crossing the road ... We’re going to have to emphasize safety on crossing the road. And we also have to be efficient on using our time so we don’t waste it going from one section to another, but the facilities are going to be first class. We’re excited about the whole operation.”

Davis said he and the team are excited for the completion of their new compound.

“Both seem to be on track to be done at the same time, which still is right around the end of July, beginning of August,” he said. “Things seem to be moving in the right direction and they have had, to my knowledge, no delays. We’re pretty much on track and that’s sort of keeping us pumped up and looking forward to that opportunity to move in.”

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