It's not you, it's me

Sorry, University of Alabama, but I think we should really go our separate ways. I’ve decided to take my life in a different direction, I can’t keep getting degrees here. I think three is kinda pushing it.

The past six of seven years have been incredible, and I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything. When I arrived on campus in 2007, you were probably more excited about some older guy named Nick Saban coming in, but I like to think you liked me at least a little bit back then. I had my first Natural Light with you, my first botched Scantron test, and when I was all out of Dining Dollars, you still supported me through a rogue stash of Bama Cash.

We had four solid years together, pulling all-nighters over advertising campaigns and bee-bopping at the fraternity houses. Sometimes, I didn’t know why you would put me in such a difficult major, I guess you were just pushing my buttons.

Perhaps things got a little comfortable and stagnant, so we temporarily parted ways in 2011 after graduation from undergrad. I needed a change, so I moved to North Carolina. I thought about you every day, and became envious of everyone back in Tuscaloosa, getting to nom on Quick Grill and Bento Boxes.

Just like any ex-girlfriend with lingering feelings, I made a valiant attempt to win you back through graduate school. You decided to spice up the relationship a little bit, by providing me with the opportunity to work at The Crimson White. A whole new side of campus, a new group of friends and irreplaceable memories.

Last August with a Master’s degree in hand in advertising and PR, I knew I couldn’t leave you. You kept me close through a master’s program in journalism. The feelings were too strong, and I just couldn’t leave you again. But that feeling is starting to dwindle away, as I’ve received an internship offer somewhere else, which will most likely lead to a job offer.

I’m always going to have feelings for you, and I’m going to come back for a few one-night stands in the fall, probably after a night of copious drinking watching the Tide roll in Bryant-Denny Stadium – so just prepare yourself. I’m not afraid to be that girl, because I know what we had here was special.

In coping with the breakup, you’ll find me binge-eating Summer Snow and sipping on yellowhammers at the Joe, relishing the last few days of this relationship. University of Alabama, I will always care about you, no matter how many miles are between us. I hope you make another girl just as happy as you’ve made me.

Elizabeth Lowder was the Community Manager of The Crimson White.

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