Supplements not viable trade for routine schedule, healthy eating

Students use a variety of methods to give their brains extra power in order to study efficiently and perform well on tests. Many students rely on high amounts of caffeine in food and drinks to help them through the long days and nights. Some students take advantage of over-the-counter pills said to give students twice the amount of energy of a regular cup of coffee.

“Study Buddy” is one example of an over-the-counter caffeine supplement supposedly proven to enhance the brain’s cognitive functions to help students learn at a faster pace. Even though this supplement may look tempting, there is no proof that any supplement will help boost a student’s grade point average.

Supplements are promoted as a more natural source for students to get energy than a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Study Buddy has large amounts of caffeine, herbs and vitamins B and D. These ingredients are said to boost brainpower. However, they are not more stimulating than a simple cup of coffee. Vitamins B and D are said to support good health but, if taken through supplements in large amounts, can lead to significant health problems.

Instead of depending on pills for energy, students should aim to boost energy the old-fashioned way. Sleep, good nutrition and exercise are proven to be the best brain boosters out there. Depending on extraneous supplements like Study Buddy leads to more problems down the road, such as addiction and over-consumption. It is important to treat your mind and body well. If they are efficient on test day, your grades will thank you.

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