Insulting the public not conducive to campus abortion debate


Abortion is a hot topic, no doubt. Though Johnathan Speer and I seem to be on the opposite side of the debate, we actually agree on many things.

We both disagree with any reference to abortion as lynching. It is not the right word. I would not bake a cake and call it steak; we need to call things what they are. Just like we need to recognize that not all women seeking abortions are sleeping around. Some find themselves in difficult situation, it is true.

But Mr. Speer, my opinion of the topic has nothing to do with my religion. Because I agree, we need to back our opinions with facts, not just the Bible. So for the sake of this article, I will leave my religion at the door.

First off, you are in college. You are old enough to recognize that pregnancies happen one way: sex. You are also old enough to have sat through a sex-ed class or heard about the Pill and condoms from a friend. Sex is not a new concept and girls and boys too young to understand potential consequences have been having sex for eons.

But you know what? Since the invention of birth control, they have known what that is. I agree, there are plenty of women who find themselves pregnant and understand that they cannot raise a child. And I commend those women – parenthood is about putting your child before yourself. But if they do not want a child, they should not have sex. That is the only 100 percent effective birth control. Period. If you want to have sex and do not want a kid, use protection properly.

Secondly, actually Mr. Speer, it sounds like you do not understand reproductive health. While it is true that there are risks, and some very serious, associated with pregnancy, most are very rare. Should a woman be unable to get the health care she needs, free clinics and places like Planned Parenthood are all over. Speaking of, Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics will tell you that adoption is another great option. Many times, couples who are looking to adopt will offer to pay for any medical care the pregnant woman requires. That helps both parties.

Thirdly, I do not remember being in the womb either. Nor do I remember my first or second year of life. In fact, I could not really fight for my right to life until much later. Should we then do away with toddlers? After all, they cannot fight for their rights either. While we are on the topic, is it not wrong for someone to look at me and deem I have no “right to life” and end mine? I am a living being with a heart beating, growing every day. Just like a fetus.

Now Mr. Speer, you and I do believe that everyone has the right to make their opinions known, but I find it highly interesting that a man who calls himself “fair and tolerable” at the beginning of the article, later calls another person, whom he disagrees with, an idiot. I, like you, agree that the public should educate themselves before forming a voiced opinion, but is insulting them really the way to do it?

And on a final note, the age old argument: Let us not forget, Mr. Speer, had your mother had an abortion, you would not be here.

Colleen Cahalan is a junior majoring in secondary education.

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