I am Will Tucker, editor-in-chief of the CW. AMA

I am Will Tucker, editor-in-chief of the CW. AMA

TuckerWhen I became editor, I envisioned a Crimson White more engaged with its community. I wanted to build a Crimson White that had the ability to pull students together and make things happen. I believe it’s our duty as your news organization to shake up the status quo, all the while giving you, our readers, the figurative megaphone. This weekly column – which will alternate between me and Managing Editor Ashley Chaffin – is part of that effort.

Here, on Mondays, I’ll share some insights into why The Crimson White runs the stories we run and offer an inside look into what we’re working on. Ever wonder what we were thinking when we published a story, or think about the work that went into the piece? Hopefully this column can help answer that. If you ever want to see anything specific here, just mention me on Twitter. My handle is @wjtuck.

Of course, this outreach push will be multifaceted. Today, I’m going to try another part of our effort. I’ll start by asking you just one question.

When does the narwhal bacon?

If you can answer that, chances are you’re an avid redditor. You probably visit the link-sharing site, often referred to as the “front page of the internet,” daily. You might even be one of the 753 active readers on reddit.com/r/capstone, the “subreddit” devoted to The University of Alabama community. Redditors use the question, the answer to which is a secret only redditors know, in real life to determine if someone is a devoted user of the site.

I ask because today, I’m going to do an AMA, or an Ask Me Anything session, as editor-in-chief of The Crimson White at 3 p.m. You don’t have to be a regular user to participate. Just create a username, visit reddit.com/r/capstone and post a question under my AMA post and I’ll do my best to answer it. I’ll be using the username cweditor.

I’m relatively new to reddit, to be honest, but a friend who is an expert redditor suggested I do an AMA and I agreed. I like the amount of thought redditors put into their posts, which are much longer and more civilized than, say, anonymous al.com comments. I like that when redditors post long, well-thought-out questions, they expect good, strong answers.

That’s what I’ll do my best to give you. I want you to really ask me anything you’d like to know from the editor of The Crimson White. Want to know about our pledgeship stories last semester? How about our strategy for covering diversity issues? Just ask. Anything is fair.

We have more big stories planned for this semester. Each one will take a lot of work, and will probably call for some more tough editorial decision-making on our part. The point of both this column and my AMA is to open that process up to you, our community. As we go about our jobs holding our leaders, administrators and peers accountable, we must also be accountable to you. That means we should give you as many avenues to voice your opinions as we can.

Here’s one of them. Remember, too, that you can always tweet @TheCrimsonWhite, email me at editor@cw.ua.edu, Facebook message us and even visit our newsroom. If the AMA is successful, I’ll do another one down the road. Consider this a trial run.

When I became editor, I said in a column that if you use your voice, The Crimson White is at your service. That’s still true, and I’m excited to show you how again today.

Will Tucker is the editor-in-chief of The Crimson White. His column runs biweekly on Mondays. 

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