ESPN analyst David Pollack talks Alabama versus Notre Dame


Editor’s note: There were other media members present during David Pollack’s talk.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Crimson White: How would you assess Nick Saban’s run?

David Pollack: It’s ridiculous. It wasn’t ridiculous last year, I expected that. This year, they got nine seniors, dude. Nine. I mean, it’s not right. It’s not human. This is the worst defensive talent Alabama has had in at least four seasons. Talent wise. But their system is so strong and so precise. Now, he’s got everybody Sabanized. They’re like an army. Everybody steps the right way. Everybody does the same thing. Everybody’s on the same page.

CW: Besides Everett Golson, who should Alabama be concerned about most from Notre Dame’s offense?

DP: [Running back] Theo Riddick. Him lining up at wide receiver. [Tight end] Tyler Eifert too. Eifert is going to play some wide receiver. Notre Dame has two guy, Eifert and Riddick. When you know where a guy is going to line up, it makes it easy to take him away. But when you have guys that you can move around, advantage me because I get to use him as a chess piece. I get to put them where I want them and motion them and find creative ways to get them the football.

CW: What does Alabama have to do to be successful against Notre Dame’s front seven and stop Manti Te’o?

DP: It’s not anything different from what they always do. I don’t think you have to find creative ways to run the football, you block. It’s pretty simple. If Notre Dame wins this game, Te’o will have to play big, but [Notre Dame nose guard] Louis Nix III is the biggest key to me. [Alabama offensive lineman] Chance Warmack is the best in the country at getting to the next level and just destroying folks. If you let Warmack get a free run right up to Te’o, Te’o has no shot. No shot. It’s impossible. [Te’o] can’t run through [Warmack] every time. If Louis Nix can command double teams and not let Warmack get up to Te’o, Te’o will make some plays.

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