Mojo Trio to perform at Woodstock Festival Arts Center


Mojo Trio, a popular band among bar venues, is set to perform at the Woodstock Festival Arts Center in Woodstock, Ala., on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 9 p.m. The band is made up of three members, including guitarist Joey Laycock, drummer Ricky Burch and bassist Micah Hill. Each member in the band sings, as well as performs on his own instrument. Hill said the band has a diverse lineup that gets people moving every time they play.

“We play anything from classic rock to modern country,” Hill said. “We like to make sure everyone who comes to see us has a good time.”

Sheila Gunter, a representative for the Woodstock Festival Arts Center, said they had heard from several people requesting a show with Mojo Trio.

“It was actually Hwy 5’s front man, Bryan Parks, along with a few customers, who suggested we approach Mojo Trio about performing,” Gunter said. “We are always on the lookout for a good band to perform here, and Mojo graciously accepted.”

Hill said when Mojo Trio is in the area, they typically play at Rhythm and Brews downtown, as well as other bars and venues near Birmingham.

“We play all over – where anyone will have us,” Hill said. “We love trying out new venues to get our music out there.”

Gunter said she hopes the Mojo Trio’s popularity in Tuscaloosa will motivate people to make the 30 to 40 minute trip to Woodstock.

“We definitely hope to draw some of the music lovers from Tuscaloosa,” Gunter said. “Eventually, we hope to have bands such as Mojo Trio every weekend and to also help other lesser-known bands develop a following.”

The arts center was started about a year and a half ago by Richard Hinson, who saw potential in a large warehouse behind his other business in Woodstock called Cabins and Covers, Gunter said.

“He envisioned the warehouse as a perfect structure for a multi-faceted venue and restaurant,” Gunter said.

Since then, the arts center has attracted lots of supporters from around the area. The arts center has hosted several arts and crafts shows and also a bike ride for charity. It also has regular karaoke, open mic and comedy nights. Additionally, there is a restaurant in the venue called Junction Café, which serves as a “meat and three” place for lunch, and for dinner, it turns into a sports bar and grill atmosphere.

Gunter said there are still many plans for the arts center.

“The Woodstock Cultural Art Foundation, our nonprofit organization, will help local children receive art, music and writing classes not offered in public school,” Gunter said. “We also hope to sponsor a ‘Back to Woodstock’ festival in August to coincide with the original Woodstock Festival. It will last three days and offer a wide variety of music and activities.”

If you go:

What: Mojo Trio to perform at Woodstock Festival Arts Center

When: Saturday, Nov. 17 at 9 p.m.

Where: Woodstock Festival Art Center in Woodstock, Ala.

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