Nelson corrects error Thursday; 4 of 6 alcohol poisonings

A University spokeswoman sent an email to The Crimson White Thursday afternoon, correcting an error made in a statement released Wednesday night by Mark Nelson, vice president for Student Affairs. In part of his statement, Nelson said that as of Oct. 1, none of the six students treated at DCH this year for alcohol poisoning were members of any greek organization.

“Not one incident was related to hazing,” Nelson said.

Director of Media Relations Cathy Andreen corrected his statement Thursday, saying that in reality, four of those hospitalized students were greek.

“Unfortunately, there was an error in the statement from Dr. Nelson that we sent you late yesterday,” Andreen said. “Greek affiliation was not listed in the original information we received about the six alcohol poisonings. After seeing the headline this morning, Dr. Nelson rechecked and learned that four of the six students who were treated for alcohol poisoning are members of greek organizations. However, it is absolutely true that none of the alcohol poisonings were related to hazing.”

The statement containing the error was released in response to a letter published in the Oct. 9 issue of The Crimson White, in which an anonymous author claimed to represent a group of parents concerned for “a group of freshman men and women that are the subject of physical hazing, sleep deprivation and excessive alcohol consumption.”

The letter called for an early end to pledgeship and its author, dissatisfied with the seven day suspension of pledgeship during the first week of October, forwarded the letter to The Crimson White and The New York Times.

“Due to the significant hospitalizations and other infractions, it would appear a weekly suspension is insufficient in order to correct the pledge process at UA,” the author wrote as explanation for their decision to send the letter to the media.

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