Minimesters allow students to pick up extra credit hours

The Student Government Association is continuing their fall minimester initiative to allow students to take additional courses after fall registration deadlines have passed and has confirmed that a winter interim term is in the works for this December.

Since The University of Alabama reached a record-high enrollment of over 31,000 students this fall, some students may have had difficulty registering for certain courses. Other students may have dropped a difficult course and need to pick up some extra hours, Denzel Evans-Bell, SGA vice president of Academic Affairs, said.

“Fall 2 can be a lifeline for many students because it’s a rare opportunity to earn extra credits after the regular fall registration deadlines have passed,” Evans-Bell said.

The Fall 2 minimester gives students the chance to fulfill core requirements in order to graduate in a timely manner and helps those who may have had to drop a class return to full-time status. All of the Fall 2 classes are taught online over a course of ten weeks in order to allow students the ability to earn additional credits without interfering with their current schedules.

“This ten-week minimester was created to supplement a full-term registration and not to be a replacement, so students should understand that not every class will be offered,” Evans-Bell said. “We are, however, working to increase the number and variety of classes offered during Fall 2.”

The majority of the Fall 2 classes are 100-200 level courses, because college surveys and studies have shown that these affect the largest number of students each semester. The credits earned under Fall 2 are also equal to a normal full-term course for the semester.

The SGA has also confirmed that a new winter interim term will begin in December to further promote students’ graduation in four years.

“This initiative will resemble the Fall 2 minimester in that all of the classes will be offered online,” Evans-Bell said. “Registration dates for the winter minimester have not yet been confirmed.”

Meagan Bryant, press secretary for SGA, says their mission is to preserve and defend the rights and privileges of student self-governance. The SGA believes in the motto of students serving students, which includes helping UA students graduate in four years.

“It is the goal of the SGA to work daily to earn students’ trust and to serve them with the utmost integrity,” Bryant said. “SGA works to serve the common interest of students, to train themselves in democratic government and to promote positive citizenship on campus.”

Fall 2 minimester courses begin on Sept. 24, and registration ends Sept. 28.

Students can now register for the Fall 2 minimester by going to

-Go to “Look Up Classes” on the “Home” tab of myBama

-Choose “Fall 2012”

-Click on “Advanced Search”

-Choose a course (or highlight all courses)

-Next to “Part of Term” select “Fall II (10 Week)”

The following courses are offered during Fall 2 minimester: Anthropology 100, Anthropology 102, Economics 110, Economics 111, English 101, English 102, Finance 302, History 101, History 203, Mathematics 100, Mathematics 110, Mathematics 112, Mathematics 121, Political Science 101, Psychology 101, Religious Studies 112, University Honors 120

For more information about the SGA, visit

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