Birmingham-based company brings personality to Tuscaloosa dorm rooms

Birmingham-based business Dorm Suite Dorm, founded by seamstress Sheri Corey, has found a market for custom bedding, curtains and decorations for college dorm rooms. Focusing on custom designs made to suit the tastes of the customer, Dorm Suite Dorm provides a one-of-a-kind service.

Corey began Sew Sheri Designs in 1991 while working as a nurse. Channeling her creativity into her designs and learning to run a business has been a valuable learning experience that led Corey to expand her business into Dorm Suite Dorm.

“I started sewing when I was very young due to necessity, but I also loved it,” she said. “I made most of my clothes growing up and have always had some type of business, even when I was young.”

In 2008, Dorm Suite Dorm was introduced after Corey decided to cater to the growing requests for custom bedding for dorms, including bedding made to fit extra long and tall twin beds.

Dorm Suite Dorm provides sheets and quilts pre-made and ready for purchase. However, the spirit of Dorm Suite Dorm is ultimate customization; customers can select their own fabrics and colors for duvets, dust ruffles, pillows and window treatments.

“Our biggest sellers are the headboards that Velcro to the wall, extra tall dust ruffle covers and our chair covers,” Corey said. “We can work around whatever bedding anyone already has, so these items have been the biggest sellers this year.”

Customers from all over the country frequent Dorm Suite Dorm, but Corey said her biggest success is in the Southeast. This year, Auburn University dominated sales, followed by The University of Alabama and Ole Miss.

“Alabama was one of our first schools to let us have a show room, so we are very partial to Alabama, and we love the people in the residence life there,” Corey said.

Students planning their dorm decorations have many available options to choose from with varying price ranges. And although Dorm Suite Dorm provides an outlet for customization, some students take a less pricey route or enjoy decorating their dorms with materials they already own.

“I bought white sheets and tie dyed them myself because that’s what I enjoy doing, putting my own spin on things,” Bethany Arcement, a freshman majoring in biology, said. “But I think anything is worth the investment if that’s what you truly want. Buying your bedding would be wise if you planned on sleeping in an XL twin for some time, but if you plan to move into an apartment in one year with a queen-sized bed, I’d say no.”

Other students echoed Arcement’s sentiments.

“I think creating your own bedding to fit your tastes is better than spending money on something you don’t like that much,” Michelle Harvey, a junior majoring in criminal justice, said. “I’d rather be happy with my dorm.”

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