The best female and male looks for all Valentine’s dates


I’ll be the first to admit, Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday on the calendar. The conversation hearts, fluffy teddy bears and frilly lace just don’t do it for me. But, I do enjoy dressing up for a night on the town, and you can do this whether you have that hot date or a hot date with your friends.

If you happen to take the traditional dinner and a movie route, keep it casual, but add a sophisticated touch with a statement piece. Skinny jeans are a great choice – they can be colored or have an interesting texture like leather. Plus, they’re comfortable if you’re planning a long night.

Pair it with some fun heels or wedges and you’re set. Tote along a sequined or studded clutch to spice up your look and to hide all your necessities. Supposing you’re really feeling the Valentine’s spirit, some designers such as Kate Spade or Prada have hot pink clutches that would work well; Prada’s even has tiny hearts all over.

So, what if you did score that date and you need to look more special? The classic little black dress will be your best friend on Valentine’s Day. It can be any material (I feel that silk or satin would be your best option), and any cut. A-line, body conscious or peplum – go for it. Whatever flatters your figure the most and makes you feel the hottest is the dress for you.

Throw on some thick colored heels to offset the neutral black. Primaries, like bright red and cyan, are my personal favorite. Try avoiding pink or red dresses, as it seems a bit cliché to wear these on a day dedicated to love.

Now it’s all well and good that the ladies dress up, but you guys aren’t off the hook. Skip the usual collared shirt or button-down paired with khakis and add some flair to your look. You want to be just as appealing as that crush you’re chasing, so put some effort into your appearance.

Button-downs are fine, but choose one with a crisp pinstripe or interesting design. Also, make sure it’s tailored to fit you, not the mannequin at a store in the mall. Ties are optional depending on where you’re going, but please skip the bowties.

Jeans are a decent choice if they’re fitted and in a dark wash. Just avoid the holes and slouchy look at all costs. In the same manner, make sure your shoes are clean. It’s fine if you want to slough around campus in your Nikes or TOMS, but date night is when you should break out the oxfords or leather boots.

Ok, so if you’re reading this and are angry with me because you don’t have a date or fancy plans, chill out. Plan a night in with your friends with comfy yoga pants, tees and facemasks. Victoria’s Secret has the best loungewear, but DON’T wear it outside the apartment – especially the ones that say “Pink” across your butt (it’s not cute).

Whip up some junk food and rent a bunch of movies, even have a study party if you need to. Above all remember that Valentine’s Day is ultimately just another Tuesday night and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have elaborate plans that would shame “The Bachelor.”

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