CBDB brings its own "joyfunk" to Tuscaloosa

CBDB brings its own

Drive down The Strip of Tuscaloosa and most nights you will hear the sound of CBDB, a local Tuscaloosa band that has played their improvisational jam sound at local bars each week since the summer of 2011.

Cy Simonton, who plays guitar and sings, started his musical career focusing on solo projects. Simonton said when he saw Tuscaloosa native Kris Gottlieb playing a jazz concert he was inspired by his sound and musical talent and struck up a conversation.

After that, the two searched for other local musicians and the band CBDB came together with bass player Josh Rutherford, saxophone player Glenn Dillard, and Donald DeLoach on percussion for the first time on June 23, 2011. Gottlied said their most recent addition, drummer Matt Belote, has added a funk influence to their sound.

“He’s a powerful drummer,” Simonton said. “He’s played with Sting, Lady Antebellum and Cirque du Solei.”

CBDB is Tuscaloosa’s very own “jam band” with the incorporation of each members’ different musical background and influences that create an organic sound. Simonton, who draws lyrical inspiration from Paul Simon, said he also draws inspiration from Umphrey’s McGee. On the other hand, Gottlieb said he incorporates his inspiration from Dream Theater and Steely Dan.

“Josh [Rutherford] is also into a lot of African world music and that shines through a lot in our sound,” said Simonton.

The band just started building their reputation and fan base in June, and play two to three shows each week at bars such as Innisfree, Gallettes, Bear Trap, Green Bar and Top Shelf. Currently the band has nine original songs and is working for 13 before they record this spring at Ol Elegante recording studio in Birmingham. Lester Nuby of Vulture Whale will produce the album.

CBDB identifies their sound as “joyfunk,” a genre of music they created to describe the mixture of influences each band member brings to the stage.

“Joyfunk is kind of the mixture of all six of us in a carefree aspect,” Simonton said. “We don’t take anything too seriously except the technicality in playing. But we keep it fun and light hearted and try to keep it in the moment between the crowd and band.”

You can hear CBDB play this weekend with shows Thursday, Jan. 19 at The Booth, Friday, Jan. 20 at Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que, and Saturday, Jan. 21 at The Green Bar.

For more information on the band visit http://www.facebook.com/CBDBmusic or follow them on Twitter at @CBDBtweets.



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