Quidditch on the Quad returns

Quidditch on the Quad returns

From the view at Denny Chimes, the field looks smooth as velvet. At both ends of the Quad stand three gold hoops, fifty feet high. The crimson figure on a broomstick moves so fast, it becomes blurred. Teams are lined up, ready to go. The second annual Muggle Quidditch World Cup is about to kick off.

Quidditch on the Quad, a campus-wide muggle Quidditch tournament hosted by Creative Campus, is back on Nov. 13 for its second season. The event is based off of the Quidditch World Cup in the fourth Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.”

While last year brought a surprising turnout and appreciation of the event, senior Creative Campus intern Alexandra Tucci said this year going to be a lot bigger.

“I want it to be nothing short of magical,” Tucci said.

Through the fun and magic of Quidditch on the Quad, players must remember that this is also a physical sport. Creative Campus interns said the game is more of a fast-paced combination of rugby, volleyball and soccer.

The “Quidditch 101,” explained by Tucci, is as follows:

There are seven players on a field at a time, three boys and three girls, and one seeker chasing after the snitch (University student dressed in gold head-to-toe). All players are required to keep their broomstick in between their legs at all times. Capes are encouraged. Three chasers each have a quaffle, a semi-deflated volleyball, which you shoot through the goals, hula hoops on rods, protected by the keeper. There are two beaters who use dodgeballs, known as bludgers, to try and hit the opposing team. The last and final player, the seeker, chases the snitch, which has free reign over the entire campus until it is caught.

Alyssa Dinberg said this year would include much more than just the game of

Quidditch. This world cup will be surrounded with magic, including potion stations. Bama Dining is bringing butter beer, and there will also be children’s stations set up. Dinberg said you could really use your imagination and have fun during this festivity.

Tucci said she believes the point is to have fun and promote imagination. She said one great thing about college is that there are opportunities to get involved in so many unique activities, such as this. Creative Campus puts on this event in the “name of fun,” celebrating literacy and J.K. Rowling’s imagination, Tucci said.

“We take silliness very seriously,” Tucci said. “People get really crunk for Quidditch.”

Hanna Williams, a Creative Campus intern, said it’s a time for everyone’s closet-nerd to come out. Williams said they create an environment where people find the silliness they have inside.

“It’s like Christmas around here,” Williams said. “I’m not even a Harry Potter fan, and it makes me a Harry Potter fan.”

Senior Creative Campus intern Chris Izor is back playing for his second year in a row. Izor said his team, the “Albanian Achromantulas,” has already had their first practice and is ready for the competition this year.

“The Albanian Achromantulas are here to win,” Izor said.

Beyond the magical world of Quidditch on the Quad, Tucci said Creative Campus is selling T-shirts for the event. All of the proceeds go to Alabama Literacy. You can pre-order the shirts on the Creative Campus website.

Last year, 490 students competed in the World Cup tournament in front of thousands of spectators from the University and the Tuscaloosa community. Teams must be coed, represent a specific country and follow the University Recreation Revised Edition of the International Quidditch Association Rulebook. Registration of teams, volunteers and booths ends Oct. 21, leaving only nine days to create your team and pick your country.

The preliminary rounds of the Quidditch on the Quad begin Nov. 10 on the recreation fields, and then the final day of the Quidditch World Cup is Nov. 13. To register and purchase T-shirts, visit uacreativecampus.org.

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