Callooh! Callay! offers different sound at Bama

Callooh! Callay! offers different sound at Bama

Taking the intensity down, Tuscaloosa’s local band takes the sound back to pure basics. Callooh! Callay!, with their folk-funk-rock sound, will perform an acoustic show at the Bama Theatre beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 30.

While the local band usually features Bowen Robertson on drums, acoustic night at the Bama Theatre will focus only on the vocals of Natalie Jensen and Adam Morrow. Morrow said he is looking forward to being back at the Bama Theatre and is excited to play a different sound.

“It's usually so loud and chaotic playing live, especially in Tuscaloosa,” Morrow said. “Having a show to step back, strip the songs down and reexamine them for a new context is a cool challenge.”

When the band originally started playing shows, they mostly played acoustic because of the preference of venues. Although Morrow enjoys playing with so much noise and volume behind him now, acoustic is the way the band originally learned to play together, and their voices are revealed more.

“There's much less to hide behind,” Morrow said. “There's something incredibly pure about it.”

Morrow also said the message is conveyed a lot clearer when they play acoustic shows, though they had to rework some aspects of their songs to allow the message to come through strong and stand alone without other instrumental backup.

“It's certainly a form that I love,” Morrow said.

Acoustic Night will also feature Georgia-native and country music singer-songwriter Joey Allcorn, as well as Nashville-based musician Andrew Combs, who draws inspiration from artists like Hank Williams and Willie Nelson.

For more information about Allcorn and Combs, visit and

Callooh! Callay!’s latest EP, “Wide Awake,” is available to download for free at The band’s first album, “Sassprilluh Champange,” is also there for free.

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