Penn State fans beat Bama's in terms of class

Flying home after the Penn State vs. Alabama game, I noticed a newspaper article in the Pittsburgh News. The article was titled “Not in the Same Class,” and that statement could not be any more true.

Penn State’s sportsmanship, friendliness and class up the ante for Alabama fans in the future. Yes, Alabama won the game, but Penn State had the class.

They had northern hospitality that far surpassed any other place I’ve ever been to. We were treated like rock stars. Walking down College Street students would greet us with “Roll Tide, Go Bama!”

We were stopped several times per block and asked if we were having a good time. While eating breakfast at the Waffle Shop, several fans came over, introduced themselves and talked to us. The most common topic of the day was how well Alabama treated them last year in Tuscaloosa.

After this weekend, I think they should be commended on their efforts to welcome the Bama fans. Our tailgating hosts, Jeff, Terry, Bill, David and Steve, went overboard by treating us to a true Penn State tailgate.

At least twenty students joined their parents to tailgate with the ‘old’ Alabama fans that we are, and made us feel that much more welcome. Those kids sure have been raised right!

This year, Penn State won the class award between the two classiest schools in the country. And no, Penn State is not in the same class, they are one step higher this year!

I can only assume that other schools coming to Tuscaloosa would enjoy the same treatment. Ok, Bama fans (and any other fans, too, by the way), let’s step it up and follow the example set by some great fans up north. Not only did they welcome us with open arms, but they went over and beyond by caring about our game day experience. We are thankful for the class shown from Penn State. Roll tide.

Ray Little is a member of Tide Pride.

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