UA students travel to Hollywood

UA students travel to Hollywood

Students from the University have been invited to showcase their award-winning films at Campus MovieFest International 2011, the world’s largest student film festival, in the entertainment capitol of the world: Hollywood, Calif.

The festival will be held at Warner Brothers Studio from June 23 until June 26. Each team of students entered will have a chance to win overall Best Picture, Best Comedy, Best Drama and six special Campus MovieFest Gold Tripod Awards.

Teams from The University of Alabama invited to the festival are Que the Lights, Fast Forward, Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, Project One Studios and The Coiner Production.

Senior Xavier Burgin and his team Que the Lights won Best Drama at The University of Alabama Campus MovieFest for their film “Bottom of a Glass.”

“The main protagonist is a puppet who has a real puppet family and loses his family in an instant to a car crash,” he said. “Then, he meets another puppet who makes him forget about being alone.”

Burgin said he is excited about getting to travel to Hollywood, but is on the fence about how beneficial the trip will be.

“This is nice,” he said, “and to be honest, it’ll help win credibility. But, you can’t ride the coattail to success off of one accomplishment.”

Burgin also said he plans to further his career in film by attending graduate school and that if a job opportunity arose in the film industry, he would take it.

Andrew Carey, a 2011 graduate, directed “Sugarbaby,” which won Best Picture at Campus MovieFest. He said he and his team, Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, shot the movie in about four or five hours because they planned ahead.

“Even though we planned ahead, it was down to the wire with editing,” Carey said. “We shot it a day and a half before the deadline.”

Carey said his movie was created by one of his friends, and after first seeing it performed on campus at Guerrilla Theatre, he knew he wanted to adopt it.

“My movie is about a crazy girl who pretends she is pregnant because she doesn’t want her boyfriend to break up with her,” Carey said.

The only twist is that the baby turns out to be a bag of sugar.

Carey said he is most looking forward to his opportunity to go to Funny or Die, a comedy video website that is hosting a live show during his stay in Hollywood. Carey also said he wanted to give a big thank you to Nott Hall and the people at Student Affairs for putting him on the map.

“I can’t thank them enough,” he said.

Thomas Coiner, a senior, combined 7,600 pictures to make a 20-minute claymation called “Blue Barry.” Coiner said his movie is about a bluebird named Barry who falls out of his nest and goes on an adventure.

Coiner, the only student who has done all four years of the Campus MovieFest, said he is excited to go to Hollywood and that he will be capturing his trip on video.

“The networking alone is worth the trip,” he said. “Just learning how the business works is awesome.”

Along with Coiner, all of the students traveling to Hollywood plan to tweet and blog updates of their trip while they are there.

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