6 UA, 2 Shelton State, 1 Stillman student deaths reported

Editor's note: If you see someone’s name listed under the obituaries tab and on the list below, they have either met ALL of the following criteria:

-There have been three confirmations of their death from three people who have all been informed by separate sources, and at least one of those people has been in direct contact with an immediate family member.

-The person’s Facebook (or a memorial page in his or her honor) has at least 15 postings of sentiments such as “rest in peace.”

-The Crimson White has verified, by checking the student directory, that the person listed is or is not a UA student. If he/she is not listed in the UA student directory, The Crimson White has affirmed that they are a Shelton State Community College or a Stillman College student by contacting those schools’ media relations departments or by talking to a number of students from those schools.

-The Crimson White has checked with the Student Recreation Center, as well as Belk Activity Center, to make sure the person listed is not merely estranged from his or her family and being sheltered in one of those locations.


OR if you see someone’s name listed under the obituaries tab and on the list below, they have met ONE of the following criteria, even if they have not been confirmed to have met all of the criteria listed above:

-There has been confirmation with an immediate family member.

-Tuscaloosa Police Department, the University of Alabama Police Department, UA media relations (or Shelton State’s or Stillman College’s media relations, when applicable), the city of Tuscaloosa or The Tuscaloosa News has reported that the person is deceased.

-There have been funeral arrangements confirmed by the funeral home named in the arrangements provided by family or friend

The following students have been reported dead as a result of Wednesday's tornado.

University of Alabama students reported dead:

Danielle Downs

Melanie Nicole Mixon

Ashley Harrison

Morgan Sigler

Scott Atterton

Marcus Smith

Stillman College student reported dead:

Will Stevens

Shelton State student reported dead:

Loryn Brown

Willie Lee Turner

The currently reported list will be updated as soon as further information is acquired.

If you have information about memorial services or if you would like to be quoted about any of the students listed, email uamissing@gmail.com. Additionally, if you have information about a UA, Shelton or Stillman student who is believed to be missing and they are not included in this list, email the address above. The Crimson White will provide updates as they become available.

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