SGA offers 'Ride with the Tide'

If a resolution proposed Thursday afternoon passes, UA students and organizations will have the opportunity to hitch a ride with the Student Government Association to the LSU-Alabama football game on Nov. 6 with the “Ride With the Tide” program.

“We’ve reserved six buses, so we’ll cap out at 330 students,” said Nicole Bohannon, the SGA executive vice president. “My hope was that it would do two things—one, provide a safe mode of transportation for those students who have tickets, and also encourage students who don’t have tickets to still go and enjoy the experience.”

Bohannon said that the SGA has already approached several student organizations about buying tickets in bulk. “We’ve talked to Hillel,” she said. “We’ve talked to some of the greek houses that are interested.”

The Parents’ Association, an organization of UA students’ parents, will fund $4,000 of the trip’s expenses, according to the resolution authored by Senator Drew Smyth. The expenses are expected to total $17,875 and will need to be approved by a Senate vote, according to an attachment to the resolution.

According to the attachment, the SGA projects revenue at $18,850, with tickets selling for $45 per student.

The SGA Senate also suspended the rules Thursday night to pass two resolutions that need to pass before the fiscal year ends in October. The FAC allocation passed first, followed by a resolution restructuring  the SGA’s funds.

“Now that the end of the fiscal year is coming up, we needed to make some changes,” said Senator Ryan Flamerich, author of the resolution. “Some funds that the previous Senate thought they would need were actually not needed.

“At the end of the fiscal year, any funds not spent will be dispersed back to the department of Student Affairs, and we will lose the ability to spend those funds. The SGA will get new funds, but the funds that we currently have we will lose,” Flamerich said. “This resolution moved funds to pay off the debts that were in the Student Judicial account, and the External Affairs account, and took the rest of the funds and put it into the executive accounts.

“That way, we can have fluid expenditures from the executive [account] so that we can spend this money before we lose it,” he said.

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