Kentuck Sidewalk Art Demonstration celebrates local art

Kentuck Sidewalk Art Demonstration celebrates local art

By Taylor Woods

Artists at Kentuck will bring the creative process, which they usually confine to their studios, into the light of day this week.

The Kentuck Museum will be holding a sidewalk art demonstration Thursday on the sidewalk outside of the Kentuck gallery in downtown Northport.

The event will feature a group of local artists who all specialized in different areas of art. The artists at the event will demonstrate the process of creating their many forms of artwork, including glass jewelry, mosaics, pottery and other types of art as well.

The sidewalk demonstration is not only a great opportunity for students interested in art to observe the artists at work, but it is also a chance to talk with the artists about their practice.

“It’s very rare to get the chance to see the artists demonstrate their craft,” said Kentuck program manager Valerie Piette.

Tables will be set up on the sidewalk for each artist to exhibit their work and teach their craft. Guests will be able to move around on their own to view the different tables and socialize with the artists for as long as they wish.

“The event is more intimate, and people can enjoy themselves at a slower pace,” Piette said of the laid-back setting.

She said the Kentuck Gallery is very committed to community arts, and the sidewalk demonstration is a great way for upcoming artists to become familiar with and potentially get involved in the art scene 2in Tuscaloosa.

Linda Munoz, a featured artist at the Kentuck gallery, will be demonstrating making fused glass jewelry. She said she will be explaining to viewers how to cut the glass and design the jewelry.

“People will get to see the process,” Munoz said. “They will see some very interesting art.”

Munoz’s husband, Charlie Munoz, will also be a featured artist at the demonstration. He will be working with precious metals to form jewelry.

The variety of the demonstrations will allow guests to experience many different kinds of art styles while also receiving insight on techniques. A lot of the examples of art that will be advertised are uncommon, so art enthusiasts are sure to learn something new and possibly be inspired to try to create their own imitations.

Munoz said UA students interested in art might be introduced to new forms of craftsmanship they would like to practice.

“It may give students the chance to work with and see art they wouldn’t normally be exposed to in a normal art class,” Munoz said.

The Sidewalk Art Demonstration will begin Thursday at 8:30 a.m. and continue on until noon. The event will feature artwork that is for sale, the demonstrations will give buyers a better sense and background of the pieces they are buying and how they were developed.

The artwork will be sold directly from the artists through the Kentuck gallery. The Kentuck gallery shop will be open to guests throughout the sidewalk demonstrations. The gallery shop features unique jewelry, clay, pottery and glass pieces that are handcrafted by regional artists and available for purchase. This event is free to the public, and coffee and snacks will be served.

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