Celebration on the River

Music, fireworks and a water skiing tournament are just some of the events that will be a part of this year’s Celebration on the River. The festivities, which will be held at the River Market area downtown, will also include food, a farmers market and a host of children’s activities. The Celebration’s events run from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. and admission is free all day.

Confederate ordnance found on campus uncommon

Most students know that the University was heavily involved in the Civil War as a military institution. We can still see memorials from the original campus, such as the steps to Franklin Hall, a building that was burned by Union soldiers in the Civil War, on the quad. 

Durand assists in local tournament

As the Fourth of July holiday draws near, countless people will trade the boardroom for board shorts, dress shoes for water skis, and office supplies for River Rats and Coppertone, preparing to spend the holiday weekend at the nearest lake.

US Supreme Court's ACA ruling shows conservatism

For centuries politicians, pundits and common people alike have decried (often disingenuously) the rulings of so-called activist judges. They have oversimplified the role of the judiciary by implying that a judge is meant only to apply the law.

Shepherd Bend permit not renewed

Environmentalists saw a victory on the Black Warrior River last month as Drummond Company, Inc. released a statement regarding their Shepherd's Bend mining permit. 


Local businesses aid river preservation

Starting July 4 and going through Labor Day, 19 Tuscaloosa area businesses will be participating in the annual “Save the Black Warrior” program held by SweetWater Brewing Co. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness for Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a nonprofit Tuscaloosa based clean water advocacy organization aimed at keeping the Black Warrior River clean and free of pollution.

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Inaugural Malibu Cup part of July 4 events on river

On Fourth of July weekend the Pro Ski Tour will host the Inaugural Malibu Cup in Alabama with some of the best of the best in water skiing from Pro Men and Women Slalom ski show and exhibition.

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Opposing Views: SCOTUS decision sparks marital debate

Last Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 opinion that same-sex couples cannot be denied marriage licenses anywhere in the United States and that each state is required to recognize the marriages of every other state, regardless of sexuality.

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