The Supreme Court should adopt a Code of Conduct

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke out against Donald Trump in interviews with The New York Times and CNN. She said that she “didn’t want to contemplate” a Trump administration, and also called the presumptive Republican nominee a “faker.”


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Metal arts program thrives in Birmingham

At the hottest point of Sloss Fest 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama it was nearly 98 degrees. Multiply that by a factor of nearly 300 and you’d have the temperature that it takes to melt the iron that made Birmingham what it is today.

Though the city no longer depends on iron production to drive its economy, the industry’s legacy is kept alive through Sloss Furnaces.

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Alabama state parks are a valuable asset

More than just a slogan plastered on state highway signs, the phrase “Alabama the Beautiful” embodies a past and present State of Alabama that takes great pride in sharing its natural gifts with those who come to visit.

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