For the second time in three years, Alabama is the champion of the Southeastern Conference. For the seventh time since 2009, Alabama is the victor in the Georgia Dome.

The Crimson Tide opened the 2014 SEC Championship with a 68-yard, 10 play, three and a half minute drive to put the top-ranked team in the country up 7-0, giving No. 1 Alabama a lead it would carry from wire to wire, eventually beating No. 16 Missouri 42- 13.

Behind Enemy Lines: Mizzou

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 16 Missouri has a certain ring to it. After Missouri’s loss to Indiana and Alabama’s to Ole Miss, it seemed unlikely that the two would meet in the SEC Championship in Atlanta. On Saturday, they’ll do just that. Aaron Reiss, the sports editor of Missouri’s student paper The Maneater, had some things to say about the game.

Players practice for SEC Championship

Nick Saban wants his players to forget the past. The Alabama coach wants them to focus on what is ahead, like Saturday’s SEC Championship Game against Missouri and, with a win, a likely berth in the 
first-ever College Football Playoff.

Outlet targets low literacy rates

With the surge of groups on campus focused on community service, one is dedicating its resources to combat low 
literacy rates in rural Alabama.

Outlet, in conjunction with the 57 Miles Initiative, is a poetry outreach program for high schools in the Black Belt region, many of which have some of the lowest literacy rates in the state. The new program will launch in spring 2015.


Ice skating rink opens

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around Tuscaloosa. The Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum opened its annual Holidays on the River Ice Rink on Nov. 24. The rink is located beside the museum at the old swimming pool site on Jack Warner Parkway.

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Back to the start: Alabama goes to championship

The SEC Championship Game on Saturday is the most important game of the season. It’s more important than hosting the No. 1 team in the country. It’s more important than the Iron Bowl. It’s more important than any game this year.

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Knowing about fiber combinations key for shopping online for clothes

Online shopping is practically unavoidable these days. “Clicks and bricks” references the prevalence of stores with both online and offline presence, but sometimes you just cannot make it in the store to try everything on. Fiber content is the solution to uninformed online shopping. Though easily overlooked, most companies offer detailed fiber/feel descriptions for each garment near their sizing information. Sometimes you may need to dig a little, but most quality companies make it easy to find.

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Empathy and a moral education dictate opportunities for the future

What is lost sometimes to each of us, including myself, in the doldrums of academics and the fun of social activities is that we, as students, are beyond lucky and fortunate to attend The University of Alabama. Our attendance here and hopeful attainment of a degree already distinguishes us from a vast majority of Americans who do not possess higher education degrees. Nationwide, only 31 percent of people hold bachelor’s degrees, while in the state of Alabama around 25 percent hold 
college degrees.

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