Alabama prepares for dynamic Auburn offense

After an unpredictable and historic season in 2013, the Auburn Tigers have failed to reach the same heights in 2014. Alabama’s rival has lost three games this season, including a 34-7 loss to No. 15 Georgia two weeks ago.

Auburn has the ingredients to challenge Alabama, and in the Iron Bowl, anything could happen. Auburn coach Gus Malzahn has installed a complex, high-speed offense built on misdirection with heavy doses of zone read by quarterback Nick Marshall. The Tigers have maintained one of the best rushing attacks in the nation, averaging 266 yards on the ground, good for ninth in the nation.

UA, Auburn University face off in local food drive competition

Since their first game in 1893, The University of Alabama and Auburn University’s rivalry has been 
deeply set in the culture of the state 
of Alabama.

Many believe there are negative aspects of this matchup that have taken over what is meant to be a sportsmanlike competition, the tensions of a light-hearted game often ramping up for an all-out brawl. An example was the poisoning of the iconic Toomer’s Corner oak trees in Auburn.

University could invest in credit unions, emphasize financial literacy

The financial sector of the United States economy has had a bad go of it in the last few years. Not only have big banks have been pinned for single-handedly bringing about the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, it also seems like every other day someone is getting slapped with a huge fine from the Justice Department.

YouTube starts streaming service

This week marks the unleashing of YouTube’s long-awaited streaming service, Music Key. Spotify and Beats Music both offer a wide-variety of artists, but none in the streaming space can compare to the expansiveness that is YouTube. With more than one billion monthly visitors, YouTube is the world's favorite music-sharing platform.

Clash of Conservatives

The University of Alabama College Republicans (UACR), a nationally-affiliated political student organization, split last week in what some have called an ongoing ideological struggle between two factions of the organization.


State reps respond to accusations

On Monday, Nov. 24, The Crimson White ran an article entitled “Clash of Conservatives.” In this article, various members of the University of Alabama College Republicans (UACR) were mentioned as having a part in recent elections within the organization which some members felt were unconstitutional.

In Monday’s article, ousted president of UACR, Maverick Flowers, said Dalton Dismukes, central vice chairman of the College Republican Federation of Alabama, scheduled elections without the knowledge of UACR’s executive board, something the he said is in contradiction with the organization’s constitution.

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Women's basketball starts homestand

The Alabama women’s basketball team made a trip out to Lawrence, Kansas, over the weekend for the Women’s Hall of Fame Challenge. The Crimson Tide collected a sweep, 
winning all three games it played.

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Comfort foods don't have limits

Thanksgiving is the easily the best holiday for eating. Food is abundant and familiar as every family sticks to their special, classic dishes. It’s not Thanksgiving unless there are deviled eggs, a baked ham, and enchiladas. My mom started cooking enchiladas at Thanksgiving out of desperation, just to make sure there was enough food for our large family, and now it’s become a staple.

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Our View: Continuing Transparency

In recent years, The University of Alabama’s administration has shown a lack of commitment to having an open, transparent dialogue on campus. Whenever anything happens that might damage the University’s reputation, the University’s media relations team has defaulted to inaction while attempting to silence public discussions.

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